Diversity is Super-City!

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Deadline: 02 August 2016 Open to: everyone between the age of 18-40 Venue: 25 September- 02 October, 2016, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia

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The project “Diversity is Super-City!” will gather 18 young artists from Albania, Hungary, FYR Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, and Croatia (2 participants from each country) to a 8 days residency in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia to work and explore cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue using performance and theatre arts. The main goal of the project is to explore the topic of national minority inclusion in our society and the CEI member states. The project consists of a research on the topic, residency, performance, and conference. The residency will have a preparatory phase... Read More »

TC “Increasing Quality of Inclusion and Employability International Youth Projects”

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Deadline: 10 August 2016 Open to: active youth workers aged above 18, coming from Germany, Serbia, Croatia, Kosovo*, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Greece, Romania and M (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ontenegro Venue: 4-12 October 2016, Novi Sad, Serbia


The training course: “Increasing quality of inclusion and employability international youth projects” will be held in Novi Sad, Serbia in October 2016. Focus of the training course (TC) is to empower youth workers for quality youth empowerment in order to combat youth unemployment and exclusion. TC is developed for those willing to organise and improve the quality of inclusion/employability impact in their activities. This project aims to increase quality of partners’ activities for raising necessary competences of young people with fewer... Read More »

Dialogue across Borders – Overcoming Borders through European Integration

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Deadline: 17 July 2016 Open to: youth (18 – 29 years old) from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia Venues:  Cologne, Germany – September 6-11, 2016 | Nic (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); e, France – November 20-26, 2016 | Belgrade, Serbia & Pristina, Kosovo – March 4-12, 2017


Altea France in association with Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE), Youth Initiative for Human Rights ( YIHR) and Community Building Mitrovica (CBM) opened the call for upcoming programme funded by the French German Youth Office (OFAJ).

The programme consist of a series of 3 workshops intended for youth (18-29 years old) from France, Germany, Kosovo and Serbia. The programme targets youth who are interested in international communication, mass media and/or solving issues regarding dialogue between communities, countries... Read More »

CEP Research Fellow: Young Professional Development Program

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Deadline: 25 July 2016 Open to: citizens or residents of one of the following states: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro; with MA, an LLM or a PhD degree in political science, European studies, economics, law, environme (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ntal studies etc. Fellowship: length of the program is six months, dependent upon the chosen research topic; starting in November 2016


The European Policy Centre (CEP) is launching a call for young professionals in the fields of social sciences and humanities for a six month, full-time, Research Fellowship, as a part of the Think Tank Young Professional Development Program. The Research Fellow will, under the guidance of an experienced mentor, have the opportunity to be involved in all CEP’s research activities during... Read More »

TC “Youth Work Methodologies for Sustainable Development Goals”

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Deadline: 7 May 2016 Open to: youth workers, youth leaders from Albania, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Turkey, and United Kingdom Ven (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ue: 12-17 June 2016, Sremski Karlovci, Serbia


Centre for Human Rights and Development Studies (CHRDS) is an organisation focused on advancing global, regional and national policies in the areas of human rights, especially of the rights of the child and youth rights, and sustainable development.

The training course “Youth Work methodologies for Sustainable Development Goals” aims at building the competences of youth trainers and youth workers to understand, support and engage in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, it is a space for development of new practice, making links... Read More »

International Summer School in Sarajevo

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Deadline: 30 April 2016 Open to: undergraduate, graduate and PhD students of law and related disciplines under the age of 35 Venue: 20-31 July 2016 in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina

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Association “PRAVNIK” and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung-Rule of Law Program South East Europe will be offering International Summer School Sarajevo 2016 “Transitional Justice: Key Concepts, Processes and Challenges in South-East Europe” from 20 – 31 July 2016. ISSS 2016 will accept 25 to 30 students for attendance for this year. All ISSS 2016 participants will also participate in the 10 year Alumni Conference which takes place from 28 – 31 July 2016.

The main objective of ISSS 2016 is to foster contemporary discussion on the issue of Transitional Justice and Human... Read More »

TC “Raising awareness on Social Rights and Inclusion by using Social Media”

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Deadline: 5 April 2016 Open to: youth workers, youth leaders from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Spain Venue: 17-25 May 2016 (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Novi Sad, Serbia


The training course: “Raising awareness on Social Rights and Inclusion by using Social Media” will take place in Serbia (Novi Sad) from 17- 25 May 2016.

Fast development of technology and information systems plays important role in lives of young people. This accelerated change on internet and new media also obligate the youth organizations to be actively involved in new media in order to reach their target groups. Unfortunately, while being active on internet and social networks, young people are facing Hate speech and other negative consequences of... Read More »

TC on Strategic Networking of Youth Sports Workers in Serbia

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Deadline: 5 April 2016 Open to: youth workers, youth leaders, project managers from Albania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia, Italy, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain Venue: 31 May (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); -8 June 2016 Novi Sad, Serbia


The training course “Strategic partnerships and activities for promotion of youth sport work during the European Week of Sport” will take place in Serbia (Novi Sad) from 31 May (arrival in the afternoon) to 8 June (departure in the morning after the breakfast) 2016.

Ability of sports sector to affect physical activity levels tends to be underutilized and it is recommended to support local authorities and NGOs that promote/organize sport. They are trying to put EU Guidelines/policies into action by educating more youth workers for... Read More »

EHRI Fellowships in Holocaust Studies

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Deadline: 30 June 2016/ 31 March 2017/ 31 December 2017 Open to: researchers, archivists, curators, and younger scholars, especially PhD candidates with limited resources, working at institutions established in member (the EU-28) and associate states F (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); ellowship: includes housing, living and travel expenses


European Union is funding EHRI fellowships to support researchers, archivists, curators, and younger scholars, especially PhD candidates with limited resources for undertaking research at one or more of the EHRI partner institutions in the field of Holocaust Studies. The EHRI fellowships are intended to support and stimulate Holocaust research by facilitating international access to key archives and collections related to the Holocaust as well as archival and digital humanities know-how. EHRI’s mission is to support the Holocaust research community by building a digital infrastructure... Read More »