ReMOVEit: Youth Exchange for Personal Development

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Deadline: 1 December 2016 Open to: young people from the Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria or Poland Costs: food and accommodation provided, travel reimbursement up to 170 EUR, participation fee of 50EUR


The youth exchange project is organized by Olde Vechte foundation, a non-profit organization, based in Ommen, the Netherlands. Since 1966 it has been functioning as a training center with a long experience in non-formal education, personal development, coaching, social and cultural work, where body movement plays an essential role. The Foundation is open to everyone and its vision is to create a world that works for each one of us out love, care and cooperation.

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Youth Workshop on Cultural Management

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Deadline:  27 November 2016 Open to: young people (aged 18-23) from across Europe Venue: 10-11 December 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia


The training will be organized in the context of Imagine Festival 2016 in Zagreb, Croatia. Imagine is the all-styles music competition for young artists that takes a different approach to the typical ‘music competition’. By promoting musical quality, originality, diversity, creativity, safe-sound and gender issues, Imagine creates a unique platform for young musicians to gain professional experience in a positive environment that enables them to develop their musical careers, self confidence and understanding of different peoples and cultures. All events have an educational/social dimension including trainings, workshops and masterclasses from industry professionals. The training will be held fully in English

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Media Literacy Through Erasmus +: Learning While Having Fun

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The most recent political developments around the world, among which Brexit and Donald Trump’s election as U.S. president stand out, have proved the existence of deep divisions in many societies. These events have also proved that information is the new gold. Given that the amount of new digital content produced in 2011, for example, amounts to several million times the combined contents of every book written in history, the ability to access, process, evaluate, and interpret claims, messages, and numbers is more needed than ever before. If we are to find our way in what some have termed the age of “post-truth politics”, in which “truth is not falsified or contested, but of secondary importance,” we need to... Read More »

EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans

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Deadline: 25 September 2016 Open to: mid level civil servants with between 2 and 5 years of experience involved in policy formulation Costs: all the costs covered including tuition fees at Science Po, accommodation and living allowances, visa costs (if Visa is needed), health insurance, flight tickets, English language test costs.


The European Commission and the British Council, announce the opening of the call for applications to the “EU Scheme for Young Professionals in the Western Balkans”, the pilot action for a regional executive training programme and exchange component for young civil servants from the six countries of the Western Balkans (Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo*, Serbia and Albania), which is currently managed by the... Read More »

Call for Granting, Coaching & Training: Sustainable Agriculture in the Western Balkans

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Deadline: 10 October 2016 Open to: civil society organisations (CSOs) from Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, FYROM and Kosovo working in different aspects of sustainable agriculture Grants: CSOs with maximum 25.000 euros per grant / 10 best advocacy project proposals for sustainable agriculture will be granted


ORCA (Serbia), on behalf of consortium of partners: AKTIV (Kosovo), FLOROZON (FYR of Macedonia), CZIP (Montenegro) i IEP (Albania), announces a Call for Granting, Coaching and Training for strengthening advocacy capacities for sustainable agriculture in the Western Balkans.

Civil society organisations (CSOs) are invited to submit Concept note related to advocacy initiative in one of the thematic areas of sustainable agriculture: water quality, soil quality, crop production, livestock production, energy and waste management, food safety, consumer protection, biodiversity... Read More »

YE: “#RECRAFT16: Rural Entrepreneurship, Craft your future!”

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Deadline: 10 August 2016 Open to: Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia Venue: 1 – 9 September 2016, Giovinazzo, Italy


Youth unemployment is generally tied with countries economic state, however creativity and finding ways to bypass the big problems, may help young people in improving their economic well- being. The Youth Exchange “RE-CRAFT: Rural Entrepreneurship, Craft your future!” will be dedicated to the unemployment problems and entrepreneurship opportunities of young people living in rural areas.

Eligibility Must be between 18-25 years old; Be highly motivated in crafting and entrepreneurship; Handcrafting skills relevant to enrich the project; Have experience in creating new things-objectsusing different materials; Have a good conduct in English. Costs

All costs regarding accommodation and food will be covered by organizers. Travel costs will be reimbursed according to Erasmus+ rules.... Read More »

TC “Lviv International Model of United Nations”

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Deadline: 20 August 2016 Open to: college students, MA or PhD students, and early career professionals from all over the world Venue: 7-9 October 2016, Lviv, Ukraine


Lviv International MUN 2016 will take place in the heart of Western Ukraine, city of Lviv, from 7-9 October 2016. The Secretariat is working very hard to create an incredible experience for students across the world, and they strongly believe that the conference will be the meeting point of both beginner and experienced delegates from all over the world. 

The simulation will enable the participants to obtain a multilateral view on world affairs, enhance their conflict resolution capabilities and develop their communication skills through role-play. Education is the most important aim of the Model and as it... Read More »

Call for Applications for the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute 2016-2017

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Deadline: 22 July 2016 Open to: young lawyers from Central and Eastern European and the Newly Independent States (CEE/NIS) Costs: all expenses related to the selected participants attendance at the three sessions of the Institute are covered by the organizers


Bulgarian Gender Research Foundation (BGRF) are pleased to announce the Call for Applications to participate in the training programme of the Sixth Round of the Women’s Human Rights Training Institute (WHRTI), 2016-2017. It is the first of its kind programme aimed at building and developing the capacity of young lawyers from Central and Eastern European and the Newly Independent States (CEE/NIS) for litigation on women’s rights issues, including:

Violence against women; Sexual and reproductive health and rights; Social and economic rights and employment discrimination.

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Call for Participants: We Against Hate Speech Training

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Deadline: 10 July 2016 Open to: young people aged 16 – 21, who speak English language and who are interested in the topic of hate speech Venue: 6 – 14 August, 2016, Weimar, Germany


You feel that presence of hate speech and discrimination in social media is a big problem? You are not indifferent towards the issue of hate speech and group focused enmity? You are ready to discuss and reflect on these issues?

The project will address rapidly growing phenomena of hate speech. Special focus will be put on growing presence of hate speech within social media and what are the possible consequences of it for a democratic society. In the introductory part participants will have an opportunity to... Read More »

World Bank Group Young Professionals Program

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Deadline: 27 July 2016 Open to: 32 years of age or younger citizens of a member country of the World Bank with 3 years professional experience Remuneration: competitive salary based on their education and professional experience


The World Bank Group Young Professionals Program (YPP) is a starting point for an exciting career in the World Bank. It is a unique opportunity for younger talent who have both a passion for international development and the leadership potential to grow in fascinating top technical and managerial roles in the World Bank Group.

Professional Experience

Placed directly with their respective hiring teams, Young Professionals are expected to make significant contributions towards the unit’s work program while they gain a broad overview of the WBG’s policies and work.

Field Work

During... Read More »