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It’s already been six months since I moved from a city of 3 million to a town of 3 thousand people in the middle of nowhere. I changed my active busy life that I had in Kyiv, Ukraine, to a slow motion way of living in Góis, Portugal. This is all because of my European Voluntary Service (EVS) placement in an organization with a name nobody-can-pronounce – RAIZVANGUARDA – Associação Cultural.

I live in an old house together with another volunteer Claire from London, a tiny snail in the bathroom and a grey mouse under my bed. We are working in an Old Primary School in Bordeiro on top of a hill. By “we” I mean Claire and I.

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Volunteer at a workcamp in Kosovo

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Deadline: 23 July Open to: at least 16 years old if you are coming from Kosovo or at least 18 years old coming outside of Kosovo Venue: 25 July – 6 August, Gračanica, Kosovo


Young Active Gracanica is an organisation that supports young people in the municipality of Gracanica, through a variety of workshops, different events and activism. The vision of the organization is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding between different cultures, to develop young peoples’ potentials and to act responsibly in the local community. Gracanica is surrounded with mine tailing, which pollutes soil, water and air, but local people do not deal with environmental issues, since they are dealing with everyday survival. This workcamp is to raise awareness... Read More »

Volunteering in Pidkamin Monastery, Western Ukraine

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Deadline: 13 July 2016 Open to: everybody from 18 years old Venue: 18 July 2016 – 30 July 2016 Village of Pidkamin, Lviv region, Western Ukraine


Pidkamin is a village in Lviv region in Western Ukraine and is famous for the picturesque landscapes, Devil’s rock and medieval monastery from XIII century. The Pidkamin Monastery not only served as a monastery but also as a fortress in times of war. The castle had a tragic history in XX century it served as a concentration camp of Soviets in the 30s, Nazi occupation, in USSR was converted to psychiatric hospital, but now it serves as a monastery again and the Monks are conducting renovation works. The aim of the project is to... Read More »

Image mapping in the Central Ukraine Volunteering

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Deadline: 20 July 2016 Open to: everybody from 18 years old Venue: 26 July- 08 August 2016, Ivkivtsi, Cherkasy district,Central Ukraine


The camp will take place in the Ivkivtsi village and its community in Cherkasy district, Central Ukraine. The framework of the camp is generated by the larger project called “Image Mapping. The “Image Mapping” project is meant to promote interesting and bright rural communities for the development of green tourism with the help of media and civic activating instruments.

Type of Work: Basic renovation work, painting, fitting out touristic spots around the village, working close with the local community and other activists from the “Pangeya Ultima”. Participants will produce special installations and benches for the touristic route, will ornament... Read More »

Become Mladiinfo Author!

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Deadline: throughout the year Open to: young writers who would like to contribute to topics concerning youth Benefits: your article(s) will be promoted to a global audience of youth, academics, organizations; be recognized with the title Mladiinfo author; be invited to a Mladiinfo event etc.


Do you have your story to be shared? Are you studying/working or volunteering abroad? Are you anyhow active in your community or school? Or do you know people who have started their youth iniciative/start-up/social entrepreneurship? Eager to share your experiences/opinions or perhaps to send us some positive example to inspire young people? Here is the opportunity for you with us!

We want to hear the voice of YOU(TH) and we want to provide you a... Read More »

Call for Long-term EVS Volunteer in Romania

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Deadline: 10 April 2016 Open to: young people aged between 18 – 30,  coming from France, Finland, Germany, Italy and Portugal Benefits: accommodation, food and international transport are covered 60 EUR per month pocket money

About the project

Nocrich Scout Centre in Romania will run an European Voluntary Service project, starting in May 2016, that will last for 8 months. This EVS project, named “Find your talent”, is an opportunity of personal development for young people where they can experience volunteering, international scouting, living in a new country and multiculturality.

The volunteer will get to live in the Transylvanian village of Nocrich,  located 30 km away from Sibiu where the volunteer can discover traditions, nature and enjoy a lively atmosphere together with other scouts by making contribution to the local community and... Read More »

Call for Long-term EVS Volunteer in Georgia

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Deadline: 1 April 2016 Open to: young people, 18-30 years old, interested to work in civil society organizations in developing social youth activities Venue: September 2016-June 2017, Gori, Georgia

About the project

The mission of the Public Union “Bridge of Friendship Kartlosi” is to support sustainable development of local communities in Shida Kartli Region and contribute to the peace process on the settlement of Tskhinval/i conflict and carry out a dialog between communities divided in the result of conflict. To support local population and youth in civil life and give possibility of realization their selves in different field of activities and topics via our activities we try to support local civil population, encourage development of their professional potential, and raise participation of youth in local life.

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URGENT CALL for EVS Volunteer for Syncro Croatia!

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Deadline: ASAP Open to: young people aged 18-30 from Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria Costs: covered by Erasmus+ programme


Are you ready to challenge yourself abroad as a volunteer for 1 year? Are you motivated young person prepared to take an action beyond your thoughts? Syncro, Croatia looking for 5 young and motivated people. Duration of the project: 1st March 2016 –28th of February 2017. Activities for volunteers:

Youth activities workshops; Active involvement in improving the interactions in the local communities; Cooperation with local NGOs; Personal project; Youth info centre. Eligibility Young people aged 18-30; From the following countries: Latvia, Lithuania, Italy, Romania, Bulgaria. Costs

Programme related costs are covered by Erasmus+.

How to apply?

In order to apply fill the application form and send it to email address [email protected]

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Summer Volunteer Programme: Live it Lisbon

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Deadline: 15 July 2016 Open to: everybody aged 18 and over Venue: 13 – 24 July 2016 and 22 Avgust – 02 September 2016, Lisbon, Portugal


“The Live it Lisbon!” programme offers you the chance to do something different with your summer! The opportunity to make a difference in a community and meet people from all over the world. Dive into Portuguese culture and take home an unforgettable experience through helping others!  Live it lisbon! Is a social program aimed at people who want to live, work and create bonds with people from all over Europe. The program consists of partaking in volunteer community work  in Lisbon in two periods 13 – 24 July 2016 and 22 Avgust – 02 September 2016.


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Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016: Short-term EVS

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Deadline: 15 March 2016 Open to: young artists and craftsman, aged 18 to 30 years, interested in art, culture and nature Venue: 01 June- 30 July 2016, Wolimierz, Poland


Become part of an amazing experience – European Capital of Culture 2016 ! „ Village of European cultures – Wroclaw European Capital of Culture 2016″ is a 2 month voluntary service that will take place in Poland from 01 June till 30 July 2016. Large scale European Voluntary Service Event will get together 50 young artists and craftsman from 33 countries!

Eligibility 18 to 30 years old; Interested in art, culture and nature; Living or residing in one of the following countries :  Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia,... Read More »