Nantes Creative Generations Forum 2017

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Deadline: 1 June 2017 Open to: participants between the ages of 18 and 30 years old, from a Member state of the Council of Europe (+ Belarus) Venue: 25-28 October 2017 in Nantes, France


Together with local associations, Nantes Metropole and the City of Nantes are organizing the 9th edition of Nantes Creative Generations Forum on 25-28 October 2017. Everywhere in Europe, from Amsterdam to Séville, from Warsaw to Nantes, young citizens create, engage and innovate in order to strengthen life quality in their community. Fight against discrimination, reinforcement of relations between citizens, solidarity, protection of the environment, artistic collaboration – every initiative is unique but all of them pursue a common objective: to strengthen the notion of “living together”.

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Youth Activism Changes Lives

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There is one main motivating factor that leads young people into activism – the will and passion to change the world for the better. And while they are trying to achieve this for the world, activism actually changes them for the better. Being a young activist teaches you how to be a better person yourself. It creates responsible adults and citizens that are beneficial for the society in general. But people who have been part of this when they were young will always experience a lot of personal benefits into their adulthood.

And when I say that youth activism changes lives, you can trust me, because I have experienced that change first-hand. So let me share what... Read More »

Regional Consultation on Youth, Peace and Security in Latin America and the Caribbean

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Deadline: 7 April 2017 Open to: young people between the ages of 18 and 29 years old, in Latin America and the Caribbean countries Venue: 28 May – 1 June 2017 in Colón, Panama


From 28 May to the 1st of June 2017, the “Regional Consultation on Youth, Peace and Security: Voices of youth in Latin America and the Caribbean” will be held in Colón, Panamá, where the contributions of young people in preventing violence and conflict and promoting and strengthening of peace will be discussed and analysed. This event would not be possible without the collaboration and exchange amongst the following organizations: OAS, UNDP, UNESCO, UNFPA, UNHCR, UN Peacebuilding Support Office, UN Volunteers and UN Women.


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3D: Discover, Dare and Dive In

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Deadline: 31 March 2017 Open to: young people from Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Greece and Croatia Costs: all costs covered


„3D: Discover, Dare and Dive In“ is a 10-day training that will take place in the Czech Republic, in the ecocentre Svycarna close to Adamov, from 29th May till 9th June 2017. It aims to bring together youth workers, volunteers, teachers, trainers, social workers and everybody interested in formal and non-formal education and learning, who want to share their practices and learn new tools and methods that are usable in their everyday personal and professional life. We will be looking for synergies and interconnections between formal and non-formal education and explore how to implement non-formal education methods into the formal environment.

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In or Out: The Game of Inclusion

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Deadline: 30 March 2017 Open to: youth workers coming from Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland and Romania Costs: all costs covered


A training course for youth workers offering a well-conceived learning experience on social exclusion of youth in the frame of the non-formal education

The training course “In or Out: The Game of the Inclusion” moves from the assumption that youth NGOs and youth centres can play a key role in addressing the social exclusion of youth with or without migrant backgrounds. To tackle this phenomenon youth work’s stakeholders need to update their knowledge, skills and competences and to conceive social exclusion also deriving from a lack of active citizenship and political participation of youth.

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Call for participants on Cinema for Social Rights

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Deadline: 24 tMarch 2017 Open to: youth workers working with young people and from Council of Europe member states Cost: international travel costs will be reimbursed and accomodation provided

Description Youth Social Rights Network, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council ofEurope, in the period of 2017, will be implementing a set of activities, also known as“  The Cinema for Social Rights -Supporting the process of improvement of social rights for young people in Europe”, so as to improve access to social rights of young people by advocating for placing the implementation ofRecommendation CM/Rec(2015)3 on the agenda of different stakeholders in Council of Europe member states, and by improving structured dialogue for improvement of access to social rights for young people and implementation ofRecommendation C M/Rec(2015)3(also referred to as the“Enter! ecommendation”) Eligibility Youth workers working with... Read More »

Plural+ Youth Video Festival 2017

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Deadline: 4 June 2017 Open to: young people maximum 25 years of age Award: USD 1,000


PLURAL + is a youth-produced video festival which encourages young people to explore migration, diversity and social inclusion, and to share their creative vision with the world.

PLURAL + is a joint initiative between the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations and the International Organization for Migration, with a network of over 50 partner organizations, who support the creative efforts of young people and distribute their videos worldwide.

PLURAL+ recognizes youth as powerful agents of social change, and supports cooperative efforts to reduce tensions in a world often characterized by conflict and division.

PLURAL+ aims to support dialogue between young people from... Read More »

Regional Restoration Camps 2017

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Deadline: 31 March / 12 May/ 30 June 2017 Open to: applicants from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania and Serbia Scholarship: tuition, on-site accommodation with breakfast, camp materials and tools, emergency health insurance and planned excursions


Regional Restoration Camps have had a long and successful journey and this the moment to celebrate each of the participants, each lecturer, each craftsperson and partner that contributed to making the RRCs what they are today while creating new opportunities for more young professionals of the region. Read more below about each topic and location:

Building conservation & interpretation; Conservation of museum artefacts & interpretation; Dynamic heritage interpretation; Historical crafts and entrepreneurship. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

The 2017 Regional Restoration Camps will provide participants with engaging lectures... Read More »

Eco-centric Development in Youth Work

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Deadline: 10 March 2017 Open to: youth workers from Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Romania and Spain Costs: fully covered


This training course is built around the process of eco-centric development, inspired from the Wheel of Life/Medicine Wheel concept and is aiming at creating an educational frame which will contribute to the holistic development of youth.

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During the training process we will explore and experience a wide variety of concepts such as holistic development, working with vulnerabilities, therapeutic practices, spirituality, connections, rituals and relations with nature. Through this training we support the participants in exploring these concepts within the context of their personal and professional life. The practices which will... Read More »

UNESCO Global Youth Video and Photo Contest

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Deadline: 12 March 2017 Open to: ages between 21 and 30 years old, then you are eligible to participate Prize: one mini iPad, conference invitation with travel and accommodation paid by UNESCO


What would your life be like if you were somebody else? Have you ever imagined stepping into someone else’s shoes? What if that person was living next door? How would you feel? How would you react to a given situation? Through this contest, you can choose who you would like to be: you can decide to be anyone from your prime minister to your next door baker, and this only with a simple camera. “If I were…” invites you to experiment with somebody else’s life through a video (1-minute maximum) or a great... Read More »