Call for young designers for Europe Day 2010

Ever celebrated Europe Day? If you haven’t heard of it before, you might just think of celebrating it this year, play an active part and even get 2000 euros out of it!

Even though it’s name might not make it obvious, there are actually two separate Europe Days, taking place on 5 May and 9 May each year. The 5th of May is established by the Council of Europe (CoE), but is less commemorated. The Europe Day of May 9th, established by the European Union (EU), is also known as Schuman Day. It is held in remembrance of the Schuman Declaration of 9 May 1950, when France and West Germany decided to place their coal and steel industry under a common high authority. The realisation of this proposal led to the creation of the European Coal and Steel Community (ECSC), the forerunner of what is now the European Union (EU). Today, the 9th of May is also the EU’s flag day and a formally recognised holiday by the European Parliament.

So, apart from an official European holiday, what’s it to you?

Design the 2010 Europe Day Poster

The European Commission decided to throw a contest amongst European youngsters to design the official Europe Day Poster for 2010.

If to you Europe has meaning, whether for it’s mix of different cultures or because of it’s unity between member states and if you are a graphics student, or just very creative…then participate to the competition of poster design for Europe Day 2010!

Win 2000 euros and show off your poster all over Europe

This competition is organised by the European Commission. If your design the winning poster, it will be translated in the 23 official languages of the European Union and spread across all 27 member states. You will be invited to attend the award ceremony in Brussels as part of Europe Day celebrations in May 2010. But that’s not all.

All posters are evaluated by an independent jury of European specialists in graphism and communication. The winning poster is worth 2000 euros! The runner up and third best poster designer both receive 1000 euros.
Sounds like an idea to apply ? Here’s how it goes :

A 2 step selection procedure :

1 The independent jury will select 12 finalists. Apart from originality and artistic quality, jurors will be looking at how well your work depicts what YOU like about Europe and whether it will also appeal to your fellow European citizens.

2 The 12 designs will then be put to an online public vote (via the competition website). Any EU citizen or resident can vote – but only once – and the voting will be monitored by an independent official.

Who can apply?

Any young EU resident, passionate about graphic design and born after 1985. You don’t have to prove your age and residency when you submit your poster, but you will be asked to do so if you get to the finals.

What to send in?

Your work should reflect the theme of the competition – I ? Europe – but you don’t have to include these or any other words in your work. Any interpretation of the theme and any graphic technique goes. Seek originality! But be careful; some headers, one-liners and slogans don’t work in all language so choose your words wisely if you consider adding text. If your poster does include text, it must be in one of the EU’s 23 official languages.
It’s easy. Just send your work via the competition website on 30 November 2009, before midnight, Brussels time. The 12 finalists will be chosen by the jury in December, and will be receive a letter by mail, informing them of their finalist position. The online public voting takes place in January 2010.

More info on how to participate on this WEBPAGE

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