International Festival of Student Theatre and Multimedia 2010

We are happy to invite all interested artists and artistic groups
working on universities to submit their works and projects for Test!.
The upcoming Festival of Student Theatre and Multimedia Test! will
take place from 22nd till March 27th 2010. in Zagreb, Croatia.
The deadline for submissions is December 31st 2009.

We are inviting all artists and artistic groups that are working on
universities to submit their work for Test!.
Starting with our bank account status, we have decided to deal with zero. Therefore,
after the first decade of festival and last year’s conclusion of linearity of time sequence,
we are now calling into question the complete existence of Test! festival.

As the main theme of this year’s festival we chose big bang, not as a theory, attitude or
limitation, but as stimulus for reflection and creative action.
Baring in mind that Test! is mainly concerned with student creativity, it is hard to deny
vast potential that is radiating from it, thus our goal is to explore how it’s being modified
and how it’s originating. This is why this year we are putting the focus on the creative
As input for the work that you are going to submit ( plays, performances, exhibitions,
installations, concerts, software and other ) for beginning and the end we leave for you
Artaud’s thought:
“The theatre has not yet even begun to exist.”
Festival is going to take place from 22nd to 27th March 2010 in Zagreb.

Terms of application:
It is possible to apply with theatre plays, performances and other pieces from
performance art or multimedia. Participants can be students, young non afirmated
artists, professionals or non professionals. Main criteria for selection will be, as it was in
the past, the quality of work, dedication in exploring your own creative potential and
social engagement that attributes artistic creations of students (young people).

To participate in selection, you have to submit the following materials:
completely filled up application forms
Performance art ( theatre, dance, happening )
Multimedia art (photography, drawing, painting, film, video, animation, cyber art, public
art, urban intervention, performance, action, sound, digital creativity)
Music art ( concerts, DJ sets, etc. )
2. documentation material
As specified in application for discipline you are applying for.
During the festival organization is responsible for accommodation ( 3 nights ), food,
spatial and technical terms necessary for performing program and fun.
Travel expenses are covered by participants. Test! will help, as much as we can, the
participants to ensure recourses needed for travelling to Zagreb.
Final date for application is December 31st 2009
We do not return materials that are enclosed to the application. Organisation is not
obligated to cover transport expenses of art pieces or scenography.

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