The International Monotype Festival

The International Monotype Festival
St. Petersburg, Russia
3-30 April, 2010

Looking now for artists who work in the monotype technique or monotype plus mixed media

We are glad to invite you for taking part in the Monotype Festival in April, 3-30, 2010 in the StArt Academy, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

You’re welcome, if you work in the technique of monotype or in the mixed monotype technique.

The commission of the highly experienced artists will chose the works. Participation in the festival free of charge.

If you are interested in the taking part in the Monotype Festival, send your entries and the following documents via e-mail: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

In application, please, write:

1) Your contact details (post address, phone number, e-mail address);

2) Your potted biography with the information of the main exhibitions (text information no more than 1 page (A sizes sheet of paper) long);

3) The names of your works (1-4 works), the year of their creation, their sizes, information of their techniques, their prices (if you want to put them up for sale during the exhibition);

4) Photos of your works for mounting on the Web (image Jpg; sizes 600×800 or 800×600, less size is acceptable);

5) Give us information, if you are able to provide us the photos of your works in the typographic format (for printing catalogue);

6) Would you like to organize any actions during the Monotype Festival or provide us information about your creativity (master classes, video projects, films, etc.)

Deadline for sending the applications: 15/03/2010

More info at Monotype festival’s website

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