University of Rijeka

The University of Rijeka is situated in the city of Rijeka with faculties also located in cities throughout the regions of Primorje, Istria and Lika. While the University was founded in 1973, the first school of higher education was established in 1627 by the Jesuits and enjoyed equal status with the academies in the largest cities of the Austrian Empire. The University is presently composed of nine faculties, one art academy, three departments, University Libraries and the Students Centre. There are bout 13.000 students studying at the University.

International Relations Office

The International Relations Office co-ordinates activities international academic co-operation activities at the University. It gathers information regarding international grants and scholarships and study programmes to be distributed to both home and foreign students. The University of Rijeka has stipulated agreements (Cooperation Agreements) on bilateral co-operation with universities worldwide. The University sign up to constantly increasing participation in bilateral and multilateral higher education projects and programmes like Tempus, Framework 6, Interreg, Jean Monnet, CEEPUS and others.

Exchange Programs


Rijeka University’s constituents have been included in the multilateral exchange programme CEEPUS (Central European Exchange Program for University Studies) since 1996. CEEPUS was established as a programme for academic exchange in the framework of the Middle European countries. CEEPUS website.

The University of Rijeka participates in two exchange programmes for university professors with the USA: The Fulbright Programme and The English Language Fellow.

International Relations Office
Trg brace Mazuranica 10
T.: ++385 (0)51 406 531; 406 528
F.: ++385 (0)51 216 671

Official website

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