PhD: Public Health, Science and Communication, UK

Deadline: 23/04/2010
Open to: graduates in natural science/social science/science communication
Fund: full

Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, The University of the West of England, Bristol offers PhD studentship in Public Health, Science and Communication. Candidates should propose an area for PhD study that falls within one of the topics below:

* Social networking and public health
Proposals in this area might explore how social networks contribute to positive health and wellbeing, or how new social networks are being used to develop expertise What types of health behaviours or other benefits result from social relationships? How are social networks disseminating information or being used to communicate about health related topics? How are individuals and/or organisations using them in public health settings?

* Science communication eg. Health podcasts
Proposals in this area might explore how scientific communciation about health is disseminated, processed and understood, and whether or not it is acted upon. For example, what health podcasts currently exist? Who listens to health podcasts? Who produces them and determines the contributors? How are health podcasts used, what credibility do they have, and what relationship do they play in the media dissemination of public health messages?

For proposals in both of the two areas above study could focus on a specific health topic (e.g. mental health, healthy eating etc.)

The successful applicant will work with a supervisory team to develop a project grounded in the field of science communication or public engagement with a focus on public health. The project may involve the creation of a science communication or public engagement activity which is used as a platform for investigation (e.g. using new media tools), or it might use a research methodology (e.g. surveys or interviews) to explore theoretical perspectives about engaging with or communicating research in any of the above fields.

Applications are invited from motivated natural science/social science/science communication graduates to undertake research leading to a PhD.

* will usually cover tuition fees for three years as well as pay the student a stipend for three years (paid quarterly);
* is offered on a full time basis and will start before the end of July 2010.;
* is funded by the UWE Faculty of Health and Life Sciences and will involve collaboration between the Science Communication Unit and The Centre for Public Health Research.

Application procedure
All interested applicants should submit following documents:
* hard copy of the application form including a brief outline of the proposed research project (between 1,000 and 3,000 words) including a short overview of the proposed research, its aims, objectives or research questions and methodology;
* contact details of two referees.

Applications should be sent to:

Carolyn Morgan/Jodie McTear
Research Office, University of the West of England
Room 1K22, Glenside
Bristol, BS16 1DD

The closing date for applications is Friday 23rd April 2010. Interviews will be held on Tuesday 11th May 2010.

With any further queries contact Carolyn at: [email protected]

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