World Youth Conference 2010, Mexico

Deadline: 30/04/2010
Open to: NGO’s
Costs: travel- and accommodation expenses are covered.

The World Youth Conference 2010 Committee welcomes you to the selection process for NGO representatives who will participate in the NGO Global Meeting. This meeting will be held from August 23rd to 25th, 2010. They are looking for an equitable participation of the NGOs of Member States of the United Nations in a number of people that can make it possible for a discussion and an establishment of agreements. Two NGOs will be selected for each country with one representative of the NGO.
One of the components of the World Youth Conference 2010 is the Social Forum, which has been created as place for the free expression for the youth and it includes the NGO Global Meeting, and a Global Village. The Global Village is intended to be a space to share better practices, concerns, diagnosis and technical and scientific reflections through round tables, workshops, conferences and an informative fair. This is also a space for different expressions of art, culture, technology and entertainment of the youth.

The aim of the NGO Global Meeting is to identify action priorities about youth to be attended in the international agenda of development further than the Millennium Development Goals. This meeting will host more than 420 participants that will generate a recommendation document which will be delivered to the Governments Forum at the beginning of their work on Wednesday, August 25th so that it can be considered in their deliberations. Likewise, the recommendation document will be delivered to the Parliamentarians Forum with the aim of including in their deliberations the demands and necessities identified during the NGO Global Meeting.


Participation requirements

  • Participants must be nominated by a Youth Organization that fulfills the following criteria:
  1. To respect the cultural, religious and ideological diversity of the human kind, including the human rights and to show the will of contributing to the accomplishments of the Millennium Development Goals and the World Programme of Action for Youth.
  2. To have efficient and effective programs that are focused in youth and development that have an impact at a local, national and/or international level.
  3. You must be between 18 and 35 years before April 9th, 2010.


The Organizing Committee of the conference will cover the travel and accommodation expenses of the delegates.


Before filling the application form, please consider the following:

  • You will be asked for a letter in letterhead paper where any executive or representative of your organization nominates you for the NGO Global Meeting. This letter must be ready at the moment you fill your application form.
  • You can download the form for the letter right here: Download MS Word letter
  • Those who fill the application form by internet must attach their Nomination letter in the same application form.
  • Note that you cannot send the application until you have every gap filled and attached the Nomination Letter.
  • If you do not have any access to internet, you can send your registration form and your nomination letter by fax to the following number: (52+55) 15001300 ext 1518 (the cost of the call must be paid by the participant)
  • Consider that if you were chose as a delegate, you must buy an international travel insurance.

The deadline to apply for this opportunity is 30 April 2010.

Click here for the official website.

8 thoughts on “World Youth Conference 2010, Mexico

  1. I also would like to join! I've been so interested about it since I was in high school but I just don't know how will I join. Hope you can help me be there! Thank you so much in advance!!!

  2. Ma'am/Sir I know it's too for me late to send all the requirements since it's already june 24 but ma'am/sir i'm very much willing to complete the given requirements as soon as possible, I believe God will help me and He will provide for everything! I believe that He too wanted me to be there.Ma'am/sir hope you too could help me be there, hope you would extend the passing of requirements for me. Thanks a lot ma'am/Sir! Godbless!!!

  3. ma'am/sir i visited it but i think it was a little bit fun because i don't under the text, but still I'll find a way to know it's English version. I'm grateful ma'am/sir for you helping me, if ever I'll make it to be there I wanted to personally meet you and thank you for helping me, thanks a lot, I declare more blessings and protection in your life!!!

  4. Ma'am/Sir good evening!! may I just know if the committe have chosen delegates from the Philippines, just in case they've already chosen, I'm still willing to pursue my application on the event because I'm really interested about the Global Youth Conference. I pray may you continue guiding me till I get there. Godbless and more power!!!

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