Party Politics of Territorial Reforms in Europe, UK

26th -27th November 2010, Edinburgh

Call for: papers
Deadline: 15/07/2010

The Institute of Governance at the University of Edinburgh is organising a conference and announcing call for a papers on topic “The Party Politics of Territorial Reforms in Europe”.

The workshop is structured along four dimensions:
1. The historical dimension explores the origins of political parties, delves into their different ideological traditions and assesses their contemporary resilience.
2. The party competitive dimension traces the evolution of parties’ attitudes over time, analyses the conditions under which parties revise their position and examines the various way in which ideological dissonance manifests itself within parties.
3. The issue-linkage dimension treats ideology as a system of inter-dependent ideas and looks at how movements in one policy areas causes, or are reflected in, changes in other facets of parties’ ideological beliefs.
4. The policy-making dimension considers ideology as a conditioning factor in the process of territorial reform.

Criteria for papers
* The workshop aims to adopt a genuinely comparative European perspective and welcomes papers that treat countries in Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
* Proposals must fall within the remit of the workshop’s general objectives, directly address one or more of the research questions.
* We welcome proposals based on quantitative and qualitative methods, including single and comparative case-studies.
* Selected papers will have the chance to be published.

The organising committee will cover the costs of accommodation and subsistence for paper presenters for two days and nights.

Application procedure
All interested participants should submit following documents:
1. abstract of no more than 300 words
2. brief academic CV, indicating their institutional affiliation and research

The documents need to be submitted by 15th July 2010 to the local organising committee: [email protected] and [email protected]

Applicants will be notified by 1st August. Accepted papers [of 6-8000 words] should be submitted by 15 November 2010.

More detailed info about The Institute of Governance, University of Edinburgh.

One thought on “Party Politics of Territorial Reforms in Europe, UK

  1. The attempts and itiiiantves are already being made in that regard and will continue to be realized, with the idea presented by Menuhin saying that artists should have a parliament. Actually, what he ment was exactly what you are discussing-a need for artists to participate directly in a decision making process.However, we must be aware of the fact that as much as many managers and professionals on governance and policies do not have clearest or, if any, slightest ideas about the art sector and world, also not all artists want or have the need, time and knowledge to do so either. As a person coming from the background of both, havein MA in cultural management and policies and few exams away from MA in music and concretely-opera singing, I am fully aware how difficult this position may be. But visiting conferences I find I am not alone, and many artists denounce their career for the sake of making the art sphere a more fertile ground for creative expression. This is in a way a sacrifice made, often by those of proficiency in both fields, but frustrated by the image seen on the bigger picture.Future lies in these individuals, from all specific sectors of art. Educational systems are recognizing this, hence there is an increase in number of courses and chairs on this. Perhaps many more things should be introduced, but let’s be patient and see how the new changes on the level of the EU will show results. Until then, civil initiative, as in many other cases and areas of public interest plays an important role.

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