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Deadline: 17 January 2011
Open to: educational establishments based in one of the 27 EU Member States or an EEA country
Award: 1st: € 5 000; 2nd: € 3 000; 3rd: € 1 000

The Publications Office of the European Union is calling on the creativity and technical skills of pupils and students in educational establishments following courses such as communication and film for the production of a short promotional web video for its EU Bookshop service and a television advertisement for its Ted (Tenders Electronic Daily) service (hereinafter commonly referred to as ‘films’).

EU Bookshop

EU Bookshop enables users to search, order and download free-of-charge official publications from the EU institutions, agencies and other bodies. Among the various features, EU Bookshop will soon offer a print-on-demand service allowing users to order out-of-print publications.

The video
The Publications Office of the European Union would like a film advertising the services of EU Bookshop. Lasting up to one minute, the film should be fun, entertaining and imaginative, even daring, on condition that it appeals to a younger audience from all over the world.

The core message of the web video should be that users have a wealth of official and free EU information and publications at their fingertips, which are moreover in ‘your language’, i.e. all 23 official languages of the EU. The video will be disseminated principally via the Internet (on the website of EU Bookshop, EUTube,  YouTube, etc.) and played at trade fairs.

Ted — television advertisement

Ted stands for ‘Tenders Electronic Daily’ and is the online version of the ‘Supplement to the Official Journal of  the European Union’, which publishes notices of public contracts (public procurement). Ted is the official source of information on public contracts in the European Union and the European Economic Area. It is free of charge and easy to use.

The video
The core message of this film should be therefore that small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have thousands of business opportunities open to them
across Europe — they can bid for a contract in any country (within the EU and the European Economic Area). Moreover, language should not be seen as a
barrier: information about public contracts is available in ‘your language’ (i.e. the 23 official EU languages and languages of the EEA).


1. All educational establishments that are based in one of the 27 EU Member States or an EEA country can enter this contest except where prohibited, or
restricted to do so by national laws.
2. Each educational establishment can submit as many web videos on EUBookshop, and as many television advertisements on Ted, as they wish.
3. The film must be original work produced for this contest.
4. The film must not invade publicity rights or privacy of any person, living or deceased, or otherwise infringe upon any person’s personal or proprietary

Technical specifications for the films

EU Bookshop
The EU Bookshop film (lasting no longer than one minute) must be delivered in one of the following formats: QuickTime uncompressed file, MPEG 2,
H.264/MPEG-4, AVI uncompressed file.  In addition, candidates are also required to provide the film on a DVCAM tape.
The film must contain prominently the logo of EU Bookshop, and in the credits the logo of the Publications Office. Access to these logos will be obtained upon registration.

For the Ted television advertisement, candidates can either supply videotapesor use digital means.
For videotapes the format required is standard Digital Betacam PAL (Pal-D1signals in 16.9 anamorphic; ITU-R BT.601/656); sound must be digital pursuant to AES/EBU with a full level = +6 dBu; Time Code (VITC and LTC identical) must be ascending and without interruption.
For digital delivery, the format required is MPEG 2 50 Mbits/s l-frame-only4:2:2 profile at main level.
In addition, candidates are also required to provide the film on a DVCAMtape.
The television advertisement must contain prominently the logo of Ted, and inthe credits the logo of the Publications Office. Access to these logos will be
obtained upon registration.


To register for the contest, candidates must fill in the online registration form in which they declare their agreement with the terms and conditions of the
contest. The registration form is accessible here.

—  EU Bookshop:  [email protected]
—  Ted:    [email protected]
or by post:
Film contest
Promotion and communication section (FISR)
Publications Office of the European Union
2, Rue Mercier
2985 Luxembourg


The winning film in each of the two lots will be awarded € 5 000, the films in second place will be awarded € 3 000, and those in third place will receive €
1 000. Each prize will be a lump sum. Production costs of the film or any other expenses are to be borne by the candidate.

The prize will be transferred to the account of the educational establishment of the winning student(s). Winners will receive a legal identification form and a
financial identification form which will have to be filled in and signed by the administration of the winner’s educational establishment and returned with
supporting documents to the Publications Office of the European Union.

Travel and accommodation costs — for a maximum number of three participants per film — will be reimbursed in accordance with the EU rules in
force at the time of the award ceremony.

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