Internship Scheme at Balkan Press Agency

Deadline: admission is continuous
Looking for:
students (at least two completed BA years at a university)
Duration: 4 months

Balkan Press Agency (BPA) is currently looking for young, dynamic, motivated and talented students or recent graduates all around Europe who would be willing to work for a new media organization. BPA helps to broaden Europe’s and the world’s view on this region, which could expect a rapid economic growth in the next decade and has a bright perspective in its future EU integration.

The internship would last 4 months. The starting date of this period can be agreed upon with the responsible actor at BPA. The intern should write min. six ‘Reports in a Nutshell’ (RiN) – max. 10 sentences – and one Comprehensive Analysis (CA) – around one A4 page – each week to completely fulfill his/her duties at BPA. The terms for both RiN and CA would be provided by BPA associates. Additional work would be more than welcome. The internship will end with a written certificate and confirmation that the participant has successfully accomplished all requirements. The internship does not guarantee further employment at BPA but individual agreements can be made.


  • At least two completed BA years at a university.
  • You should send a detailed CV to the undermentioned e-mail address with all your previous education record and professional background (professional experience, internships, voluntary work, participation in university organizations etc.).
  • In addition to this, we require a max. 10 sentence brief news report – a RiN – on a current event on the Balkans (no copy pasting, we have means to detect this). Formulate with your own words, try to be objective, no commentaries are needed – this is not the opinion section.

Please indicate on your application which country you are from, where do you actually live and which country you would like to report on. BPA  prefer interns from e.g. Croatia to report on Croatia but if you are not residing in any Balkan countries you must state which country you are familiar with and want to report on.

The internship is unpaid. However, BPA can provide you assistance and organisational support if you are planning to attend a conference, academic meeting etc. in connection to issues happening on the Balkans. We, in BPA really hope that this opportunity has raised your attention and we can welcome you on board soon.

Apply here:  [email protected]

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