Huygens Scholarship Programme (NUFFIC), Netherlands

Deadline: 1 February 2011
Open to: excellent students from Iceland, Macedonia, Croatia, China, Turkey
Scholarship: tuition fee, monthly allowance, part of travel costs and visa fee if applicable

The prestigious Huygens Scholarship Programme is now open to excellent students, it is aimed at talented students who want to go to the Netherlands in the final phase of their bachelor’s studies or during their master’s studies.

* you must be nominated by the Dutch host institution where you would like to pursue your studies. The Dutch institution can nominate you by providing you with a special Huygens nomination letter
* must be excellent student: obtained excellent results in all your previous studies and you are at least in the top 5% of students in your study or research programme
* must be in the final phase of your bachelor’s studies, or studying towards a master’s degree in the Netherlands
* the Programme you are applying to has to be registered in the Central Register of Higher Education Programme
* studies lasting at least 6 months, but no longer than 24 months
* if you are already graduated, it must have been for less than a year
* less than 35 years old

Additional information for PhD applicants
* you do not need to earn your PhD at the Dutch institution. This means that it is up to you to decide the period of your PhD studies for which you will be staying in the Netherlands and would like to receive a scholarship for
* the maximum duration of the scholarship for PhD students is 48 months

Your application must be sent to Nuffic by post or by courier.

Your application must include:
– a signed printout of the digital application form (required document);
– your personal Huygens nomination letter 2011 (required document);
– your curriculum vitae;
– copies of relevant diplomas, certificates and transcripts;
– a reasoned account of your motivation for wanting to study or do research in the Netherlands (about one side of an A4-sized sheet);
– two letters of reference;
– a copy of your passport or identity card;

If you have collected all required documents for your application, complete the digital application form through one of the links below. Once you have submitted the digital application, you can send your documents by post or courier to:
Huygens Scholarship Programme
PO Box 29777
2502 LT The Hague

Huygens Scholarship Programme-INT
Kortenaerkade 11
2518 AX The Hague

Online application:
Prepare application
Go to your account

– generous contribution towards tuition fees or towards bench fees for the PhD thesis;
– monthly allowance of € 1,380 (this includes a standard contribution towards healthcare insurance);
– visa fees (standard contribution);
– one-off payment towards international travel costs (standard contribution based on nationality);

Please note that Nuffic does not pay the scholarship directly to students. You will receive the scholarship from your Dutch host institution at the start of the academic year. After making appropriate deductions for tuition fees/bench fees and (if applicable) health insurance premiums, immigration service fees and accommodation costs, your host institution will pay the scholarship to you in monthly installments.

For more question please visit this link.

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