Chinese Government Scholarship, Zhejiang University

Deadline: 10 April 2011
Open to: non-Chinese nationals
Scholarship: tuition and fees for registration, laboratory experiments, internship, basic learning materials, and intramural accommodation, insurance, CNY 2,000/month for doctoral students,  CNY 1,700/month for master’s degree students

Chinese Government Scholarship – University Postgraduate Study Program (CGS-UPSP) is established by the Ministry of Education of China (hereinafter referred to as MOE) aiming to offer support in developing international high level universities and promote Chinese higher education brand. Entrusted by MOE, Zhejiang University recruits CGS-UPSP-supported international graduate students supported by CGS-UPSP across the world.


  1. Number of scholarship students to be admitted: 30
  2. Coverage of the scholarship: Tuition and fees for registration, laboratory experiments, internship, basic learning materials, and intramural accommodation; Living allowance:  CNY 2,000 per month for doctoral students; CNY 1,700 per month for master’s degree students; Fees for outpatient medical services and Comprehensive Medical Insurance and Benefit Plan for International Students in China; A one-off settlement subsidy for new students after registration: CNY 1,500 per person.
  3. Categories of Applicants and Duration of the Scholarship – Master’s Degree Students: 2-3 academic years,  Doctor’s Degree Students: 3-4 academic years

In principle, courses will be taught in Chinese. Scholarship students without sufficient Chinese language proficiency are required to take one-year remedial Chinese language courses and pass the relevant test prior to the studies in their specialties. For those who take the one-year remedial Chinese language courses, the duration of the scholarship will be extended correspondingly.


1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals and in good health.
2. Applicants are not currently studying in Chinese universities.
3. Education background and age limit:
–  Applicants for master’s degree studies must have bachelor’s degree and be under the age of 35;
–  Applicants for Doctoral studies must have master’s degree and be under the age of 40.
4. Applicants should have a competitive academic record.
5. Applicants should have strong scientific research ability.

How to Apply

Application deadline: April 10, 2011.
Applicants can submit the application materials (refer section V below ) to Admission Office of the International College, Zhejiang University, by post mail or in personally.The application materials submit by email will not be accepted. Please make sure mailed materials arrive before the deadline.


Admission Office,International College, Zhejiang University:
Tel: +86 571 87953101 / 879532848
Fax: +86 571 87951755
Email: [email protected] [email protected]

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14 thoughts on “Chinese Government Scholarship, Zhejiang University

  1. when i read your scholarship opportunity i become glee.I am from Ethiopia,graduated from a recognized university with B.A of journalism and communication.
    if i am in your radar,i will be great and effective.

    1. Dear Muhammad,

      Mladiinfo does not take any participation in the application processes. It only provides information on the various study opportunities around the world. Please contact the admission office at the Zhejiang University for the information you seek. You can contact them here [email protected] or here [email protected].


  2. Hello,

    I'm Khulan from Mongolia. i actually applied for your scholarship program and send my documents with post before the deadline. i know that results will be known in June 2011, but i don't know how to and where to learn it…Could you please inform me about this?

    Thank you

    1. Dear,

      Please note that Mladiinfo does not give scholarships or any financial support, but only informs about different opportunities.

      If you stated your e-mail address, they will definitely announce about the results.

      And if you didn't, above, there are all contact details, so if you don't here about them by the end of June, try to write to them or call.

      Admission Office,International College, Zhejiang University:
      Tel: +86 571 87953101 / 879532848
      Fax: +86 571 87951755
      Email: [email protected] [email protected]



  3. Taiz 3/7 /2011

    Dear Sirs. Zhejiang University Greetings
    I am a student from Yemen I have High School science Certificate in 2009/2010 rate of 85.75% and I have a strong desire to study medicine in Chinese and are willing to pay the university fees and direct study of Chinese language
    Please Sent us the requirements and how can I get visas
    Thank you very much …

    yours sincerely / Amr Mohamed Mubarak Ahmed Albahar
    email : [email protected] [email protected]

      1. Dear.Marija,
        I hope that you're understood my message. I want to study on my account. Where I want to study Chinese language and join the Faculty of Medicine. All that on my account. Is it possible registration me as soon as possible in chinese language course. At the Zhejiang University

        With my Best regards.

    1. Dear Artur,
      I kindly advise you to direct all of your questions to the official mail addresses of the College Admission Office – [email protected] or [email protected], since we merely provide the information about the opportunities but we do not have any role in the admission or selection processes.

      Best Regards,

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