Green Photo Competition

Deadline: 5 April 2011
Open to: all
Award:  20 best photos will be exposed in the Museum of Macedonia

Go Green officially announces the Green Photo Competition which will take the artistic part of the European Sustainable Energy Week.Throughout photography we aim to portray the beauty of nature and its biodiversity, as well as the uniqueness of the spontaneous moments that surround us, although we do not always notice them.

Go Green is an independent, non-profit and non-governmental organization that focuses on addressing the issues related to climate change, global warming, sustainable development, environmental sustainability and the development of renewable energy sources.

About Competition

The main subject of the Photo Competition are the main elements of nature that generate renewable energies: Sun, Wind, Water, and Earth. Expose the beauty of your captured moments spontaneously. Let the thought flow through creative mind and express it in either negative way, and you might change something.


The winner photography will be decided after an open facebook voting competition. The 20 most voted photos will be exposed in the Museum of Macedonia on April 12. The deadline for this call is April 5.

How to Apply

Send your photos on [email protected]

The Official Website

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