ENSBA Postgraduate Program for Artists, France

Deadline: 15 May 2011
Open to: international artists, holders of a higher diploma (Masters Degree) from a national or international school of art, architecture
Grant: grant of €4,000, accommodation

In addition to its diploma courses, the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Lyon (ENSBA) offers a one year, post-graduate course with an international orientation, for a small group of student-researchers who have acquired at least a DNSEP or a Master’s degree.

In 1999, ENSBA, convinced that the singularity of an art school depends, among other things, on its freedom to reinvent itself and fully assume its role of transmission, decided to set up a post-graduate course program for a selected group of five young artists of different geographical origins, already engaged in different types of artistic work.
During their year-long adventure they have access to the school’s infrastructure and studios. They also recieve a grant, an apartment and, most importantly, a critical accompaniment, constant interactivity and opportunities for foreign travel.

The challenges and tools of the Post-graduate program at ENSBA Lyon
– this program is designed for five young artists, with the goal of placing them squarely in the context of contemporary art to widen their knowledge and to permit them to continue with their work.
– the artists will have access to a collective space in which to work. Emphasis will be placed on the development of each artist’s work; on reflection and discussion with foreign and french personalities of quality from diverse backgrounds: artists, historians, art critics, curators, gallery owners, philosophers…

The Post-graduate program is organized in different places:
– in Lyon, participants can benefit from all the educational resources to work on their project: education, diverse speakers, library/ documentation, technological centers: printmaking, photography, video, multimedia, volume. Technical specialists are associated with the projects of the participants. Privileged contacts and relationships with various cultural structures of the region Rhône-Alpes could be envisaged.
– while traveling, the work and housing spaces will be defined by the context and the time table of the travelling.
– during each period, the programme will include individual and collective meetings with contributors to the Post-graduate programme, study trips and also participation in exhibitions.


– The successful candidates each receive a grant of €4,000, paid in two instalments (€2000 in october + €2000 in january).
collective accommodation is offered to candidates in Lyon. In other places, accommodation possibilities will be proposed.


Each session of the Post-graduate program runs for one school year: from September to July.

Profile of Candidates

Conditions for admission to the postgraduate course Applicants must hold a higher diploma (Masters Degree) from a national or international school of art, architecture, etc

The required languages are English and French. Applicants must have sufficient knowledge of these languages, exchanges taking place in both languages.

When selecting candidates, the jury’s attention is focused on maturity, quality of artistic work and candidate potential.

Application Process

Deadline for reception of applications: 15 May 2011 [date of postmark]

Fill in the application form

The following documents must be enclosed to this application document ( duplex printing), writing in French or English:
(important : make sure that your first and surname are at the top of all yours documents)

• a letter of motivation
• a recommendation letter
• a documentation on the candidate’s work evolution and recent works
• an analytic presentation of the evolution of your approach (max. 1500 typed characters)
• a printed CV with copies of obtained degrees
• a stamped self-addressed envelope for return of documentation to unsuccessful applicants (otherwise no documentation will be returned)

All documents must be sent to this address :

École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts de Lyon
Post-diplôme Art
8b quai St Vincent
69001 Lyon – France
contact : Élise Chaney

The official webpage.

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