The Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Young Investigator Award (YIA)

Deadline: 28 September 2011
Open to: everybody who is interested in medicine
Benefits: The total award amount is $50,000 for one year, payable on July 1 and January 1 in two equal installments.

The Conquer Cancer Foundation of ASCO Young Investigator Award (YIA) provides funding to promising investigators to encourage and promote quality research in clinical oncology. The purpose of this award is to fund physicians during the transition from a fellowship program to a faculty appointment. The Conquer Cancer Foundation welcomes application submissions in all oncology subspecialties.


The Young Investigator Award is intended to support proposals with a clinical research focus. ASCO’s definition of clinical research is “hypothesis-driven research that employs measurements in whole patients or normal human subjects, in conjunction with laboratory measurements as appropriate, on the subjects of clinical biology, natural history, prevention, screening, diagnosis, therapy, or epidemiology of neoplastic disease” (Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 14, No. 2, 1996 pp. 666-670). In Young Investigator Award proposals, preclinical in vitro and/or animal studies are acceptable as long as the outcome of these studies would ultimately lead to patient-oriented clinical research.


  • Be a physician (MD, DO, or international equivalent) working in any country who is currently in the last two years of his/her final sub specialty trainingat an academic medical institution at the time of grant submission. Examples of sub specialty training include, but are not limited to, a hematology-oncology fellowship, a surgical oncology fellowship, or a radiation oncology residency.
  • An institutional commitment for a faculty appointment at the time of grant submission is not required, but the applicant should be working in an oncology laboratory or clinical research setting.
  • Have a mentor in the proposed researchfield from the sponsoring institution who must provide an letter of support.  The mentor must assume responsibility and provide guidance for the research. If the mentor is not a Full ASCO member, a supporting letter from a Full ASCO member from the sponsoring institution must be included.
  • Be planning an investigative career in clinical oncology.
  • Be a Full Member (formerly Active Member) of ASCO or Member in Training (formerly Active-Junior Member) or have submitted a membership application with the grant application.
  • Be able to commit at least 60% of full- time effort in research (applies to total research, not just the proposed project) during the award period.
  • A United States-trained MD, PhD is eligible if both degrees are completed prior to the start of the grant period.  For foreign-trained physicians, eligibility for those currently enrolled in PhD programs will be determined on a case by case basis, please contact [email protected] for eligibility verification.
  • Eligible physicians are allowed to hold only one grant from the Conquer Cancer Foundation at a time.


The total award amount is $50,000 for one year, payable on July 1 and January 1 in two equal installments. Awards are given based on individual merit and availability of funds.


All applications must be submitted in accordance to the requirements and instructions of this Request for Proposals (RFP).  All application materials must be in English and must be submitted online in the Easygrants system.

Applicants are encouraged to start their application early due to the complexity of the online application process. To initiate an application through Easygrants, please go HERE. If applicants have previously used Easygrants to apply for a Conquer Cancer Foundation grant or through participation on a Foundation review committee, their login information should be the same. Email [email protected] if you need your password reset.

The full application must be submitted by 11:59PM EDT on September 28, 2011. No late applications will be accepted. Applicants are encouraged to submit early because technical help will not be available after 5PM EDT on September 28.

For further information click HERE to access the full request for proposals.


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