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Author: Justine Caurant
This article is product of the project My Europe.
Reporting on European youth from the different parts of the continent. Young journalists from different countries and different media organizations are working all together to show how dynamic and innovative is the youth of Europe.
European media makers from Mladi Info (, Euradio Nantes (, Journal Europa ( and European Youth Press ( are reporting here on the topics of Gender equality, Youth unemployment, Volunteering and Intergenerational solidarity.
Let’s deal with the topics which were, are or will be in the European agenda. But… in a different way, showing our own vision on what the young people of Europe create and invent to answer those big issues. In a personal approach, our young reporters are analysing how is the youth involved in civil society, to create another way of building the continent.
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This is our Europe, this is My Europe.


2011 is the Year of Volunteering for the European Commission. But what really means to be volunteer? At least, in English there are two different definitions for the same term. The first stands for someone who gives his free time for an non-lucrative project or the public interest. The second one is a legal status for a limited time of work, not for free, not fully paid… On this dossier, we try to define more precisely what volunteering could bring to young Europeans? What are the brakes of it? Could a compulsory volunteering be a good solution for youth involvement? Will volunteering solve the democratic denial of Europe?

Listen to this radio report of Justine Caurant: Motivations for volunteer work among young people : the influence of “professional development”

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