Call For Proposal for Support from the Slovak-Balkan Public Policy Fund

Deadline: 30 November 2011
Open to:  Individuals and organizations from Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro
Grant: Individuals 3000 EUR max.; Organizations: 5000 EUR max.

The Pontis Foundation (Slovakia) and the Balkan Civil Society Development Network announce the first Call for Proposal for individuals and organizations from Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro to undertake research projects on the topic of:

1. Mechanisms and practice of consultation, coordination and cooperation between state and non-state actors (civil society, public and private interests groups etc.) in the design and implementation (monitoring & assessment) of EU driven reforms in different areas (preferably those in fight against corruption and environment);

2. Progress, challenges and policy advice to create appropriate administrative and judicial structures in order to apply Community rules and procedures;

3. Policy recommendations towards closer alignment of the country’s social policy to the acquis (including social dialogue and fighting gray economy); or

4. Regional policies in the context of EU accession.

The aim of the project is to strengthen civil society by developing the advocacy skills its involvement in reform processes and the public debate on the accession process through providing grants to local organisations and individuals with civil society background.


 Individuals, citizens of the aforementioned 3 countries, under 40 years old (including journalists and M.A. students in the last year of their studies) may apply. Civil society organizations registered in Albania, Macedonia or Montenegro (here all non-for-profit  actors are eligible).

Grant Amounts

For individuals – max. 3000 EUR
(Eligible costs: fee/salary contribution, communication costs, purchase of publications, traveling, organisation of a public event, etc.)
For organizations – max. 5000 EUR
(Eligible costs: fee for the researcher/salary and for a possible assistant, communication costs, purchase of publications, traveling etc.)

At the beginning of the research period (February 2012), Pontis Foundation with BCSDN and member organizations will organize training for all grantees in policy paper writing in the applicants’ countries. BCSDN and the Pontis Foundation can offer assistance in distributing the policy products to all relevant institutions. Additionally, policy papers will be posted on the BCSDN and Pontis web sites (the conditions for the size and the length of the policy paper can be found in the project proposal template).
Authors of the best policy papers will have an opportunity to participate in a round table in Brussels to present the results of their research projects to the representatives of the EU institutions and other stakeholders.Series of media products – (applicable only for journalists).
One public event – roundtable, lecture, public presentation, radio or TV discussion about the policy paper.


All interested individuals/organizations should send the full application by the by 30th of November 2011. The documents should be sent to BCSDN [email protected]
The required documents are:

Only full applications in one document sent electronically will be taken into consideration. The deadline for submitting the application is 30 November 2011.

Please contact Ms. Ilina Nesik ([email protected]) for more information.

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