International Conference Social Cities of Tomorrow, Netherlands

Deadline: 15 December 2011
Open to: Architects and planners, media makers, community organisers, local governments, local entrepreneurs, housing corporations, researchers, activists, designers and artists
Remuneration: €250 speakers fee (VAT/travel included)


In today’s cities, our everyday lives are increasingly shaped by digital media technologies – from smart cards and intelligent GPS systems to social media and smartphones. How can we use these technologies to make our cities more social, rather than just more hi-tech? Can digital technologies enable citizens to act on collectively shared issues? Can principles from online culture help to form new collectives around communal resources in an urban context? Can media technologies bring about a sense of place and connection among urbanites, and a feeling of ‘ownership’ of their environment?

These questions are the point of departure for the event Social Cities of Tomorrow. These questions will be addressed in a workshop and at an international conference that aims to bring together professionals from different backgrounds who are involved in the (social) design of the urban experience – from architects and planners, policy makers and community workers to artists and media & interface designers.

The Conference will be held on 17 February 2012 at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek, and the pre-conference Workshop will be held from 14 to 16 February 2012 at ARCAM.

This international conference brings together key thinkers and doers working in the fields of new media and urbanism. Keynote speakers such as Usman Haque, Natalie Jeremijenko will speak about the promises and challenges in this newly emerging and highly interdisciplinary field of urban design. The keynotes will be accompanied by presentations of ‘best practices’ from various disciplines, such as architecture, art, design, and policy.


  • Architects and urban planners interested in the ways digital media technologies shape city life, and how this translates to urban design.
  • Housing cooperations and real estate developers interested in new ways to engage citizens in the co-creation of their living conditions.
  • Artists, designers and media creatives who make work for physical environments and the urban public sphere.
  • Policy makers and local government interested in the potential of digital media technologies for urban issues.
  • Community organisers and social innovators who want to learn more about how digital media and collaborative principles from e-culture can be used for citizen engagement.


If your proposal is selected you will have:

  • A 10 minute time slot to present your project for an international audience of 150 professionals
  • Free conference pass
  • Standard technical facilities (computer, beamer, microphone). For additional requirements please include this in your proposal
  • Your biography, photographic material, and project description will be published on the conference website.
  • €250 speakers fee (VAT/travel included).


Proposal requirements
1 ) project title
2 ) project description in less than 600 words
3 ) indication of the present status of the project (finished, ongoing)
4 ) people and/or organisations involved in the project, and their tasks/responsibilities
5 ) (expected) output of the project
6 ) relation of the project to the conference theme
7 ) additional technical requirements for project presentation at conference (where applicable)
8 ) images of the project
9 ) your contact details
10 ) short cv (200 words) and photograph of yourself (if you are selected you get a spot on the website).

Please send your proposal to [email protected].

Send in your proposal no later than 15 December 2011 17:00 CET (GMT+1).

A shortlist will be drawn up no later than 20 December 2011, and communicated to everyone who has sent in a proposal. Those who are selected to present will receive a briefing with further practicalities on 21 December 2011. Further assistance and practical arrangements can be made in the period leading up to the conference on 17 February 2012 in Amsterdam.

Click here to read the official call for projects. Here you can find out more about the workshop.

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