The European Economic and Social Committee 2012 Video Challenge

Deadline: 15 February 2012
Open to: Citizens of the European Union aged 18-30
Prizes: 1st prize: € 5,000


The European Economic and Social Committee would like to invite you to participate in the 2012 Video Challenge. This annual challenge encourages video creativity and the use of social networking, within youth across the 27 EU Member States. Entry into the challenge is free and participants can submit their video URL on the dedicated website between 01/01/2012 and 15/02/2012. Public voting will take place between 18/02/2012 and 02/03/2012 ending at 12:00. The prizes for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners will be awarded at a ceremony held in Brussels on March 15th 2012.

Be creative and show what Europe means to you! Since the year 2012 is a European year for “Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations”, incorporating members of older generations into the video production teams is encouraged.


The winners will receive respectively:

  • 1st prize: € 5,000
  • 2nd prize: € 3,000
  • 3rd prize: € 2,000

There will be a prize draw for the voting public.


To participate in the EESC video competition you must be:

  • A citizen of the European Union
  • Aged 18-30
  • An amateur production team (e.g. students) which can include one or several members of older generations.

EU staff, Members and employees of the EESC and their immediate family are not eligible to enter the contest.

* The non respect of these conditions can lead at any moment to exclusion from the competition and potentially to the withdrawal of any prizes awarded.

Video requirements

  • The video must be between 30 seconds to 3 minutes in length.
  • The format should be available in Standard Definition (720×576 pixels preferably in 16.9) or High Definition (1280 x 720 px or above)
  • The video should not have inappropriate contents, language or imagery (no violence, racist comments, pornographic or personal attacks on people or organizations etc.).
  • Any EU language can be used in the video (if any). However sub-titles in English will then be necessary in order to guarantee wide understanding and equal opportunities.
  • The video should not have been created more than 6 months prior to the start date of the competition and must not have already won an award.
  • The production teams must respect privacy and image rights, and in case of infringement, only the production teams can be held responsible.

Intellectual property rights

  • The video must be original work and must not infringe the copyright, trademark and intellectual proprietary rights of any third parties.
  • The video should not contain any explicit company references, logos, nor should it promote any brand, product or service.
  • The production team is solely responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and authorisations prior to submitting their video.
  • Music used in the video must be original and/or cleared for copyright to be posted on public websites or be used in public events.
  • As to author rights related to the videos, the production team retains the moral rights for the original work, but accepts to transfer all economic rights (copyright) of the work to the EESC. The production teams thus grant the EESC permission to adapt, edit, modify, format, reproduce, translate, use for public performance, broadcast and communicate their videos to the public. The EESC has the right to use and re-use the video in different media (web, social media etc.) for non-commercial purposes.
  • If the work is found to have infringed on any intellectual property rights, the production team is solely responsible.


Entry into the challenge is free and participants can submit their video URL on the dedicated website between 01/01/2012 and 15/02/2012. Public voting will take place between 18/02/2012 and 02/03/2012 ending at 12:00.

Winner selection

  • Videos must be first posted on an online video channel (e.g. Youtube, Dailymotion etc.).
  • The video can then be submitted to the 2012 video challenge on the EESC’s website by including the team details, video URL and agreeing to the terms and conditions.
  • All submitted videos will be reviewed to ensure that they comply with the competition requirements. Videos that do not comply will be excluded from the competition.
  • Videos that meet the requirements will be published on the EESC’s dedicated video challenge webpage.
  • The public will then be able to vote for their favourite video (one vote per person).
  • Results from the public vote will determine the top 10 videos.
  • A panel of judges will make their selection of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. This decision will be based on the video’s relation to the theme, its creativity and its overall quality.
  • The winners will be notified by e-mail.

Data protection

Any personal data relating to this video challenge will be treated following the regulation (EC) no 45/2001 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data by the institutions of the European Union and bodies and on the free movement of such data. This data can only be processed in the context of this video challenge and will not be transferred to third parties, except to the EESC’s contractor managing this challenge with the Committee (Eu-Turn) and the jury members during the ongoing challenge.

The participants can access and correct their data at any time. In order to do so, they may contact the Online Information Unit of the EESC via [email protected] or the data protection officer of the EESC at [email protected] The participants may also contact the European data protection supervisor at any time, at [email protected]

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