The Everyday Digital Native Video Contest

Deadline: 26 January 2012
Open to:  Everyone interested
Prizes: 500 EUR each for Top 10 video finalists


The Centre for Internet & Society and Hivos Knowledge Programme are pleased to announce the Everyday Digital Native (Digital AlterNatives) Video Contest. The Everyday Digital Native is hiding inside each of us.

You THINK Digital.
You CONNECT using digital devices and gadgets.
You ACT Digitally, always clicking, linking, tagging and Liking.
You know what it means To Be Digital. It’s simply a way of life!
Tell us your Digital Story. What makes your life so click-worthy?

Selection Process

  • Round 1: Send in your proposal by midnight, 26 January 2012.
  • Round 2: The jury will shortlist 25 ideas. Shortlist deadline: 10 February 2012.
  • Round 3: 25 shortlisted participants send in their final videos on 10 March  2012.
  • Round 4: Public Votes for their Top 10 favorite videos. Voting closes: 08 April 2012.
  • Round 5: Jury Selects Top 2 Winners: 20 April 2012.


The top 10 video finalist will each receive 500 Euros.


The competition is open to anyone in the world. There is no upper or lower limit on age. Professionals, amateurs and those interested in exploring digital culture are welcome to apply.


  1. Use this Online Application Form to submit your proposals
  2. Participants wishing to submit a sketch(es), storyboard, collage or short video narration at the proposal stage can send in their submissions to [email protected]. Please ensure your submission is accompanied by a brief explanatory write-up.
  3. For team / group submissions, it is enough for one team member to fill the online form / submit proposal via email on behalf of the team.
  4. The Digital AlterNatives with a Cause books are the inspiration for this video contest. You can use any of the essays as a basis for your video.
  5. File type: AVI, MP4 formats
  6. Language: Please send proposals / fill the online form in English. The final videos can be in any language, with English subtitles.
  7. Title: Each proposal should feature a tentative title, short description of what the video will feature (characterization, storyline) and the theme and idea behind the video.
  8. Genre: Do mention the style of execution / genre: animation, claymation, stick drawings stitched together in Movie Maker, paper art on video, documentary, short film, promotional message, and other styles of digital movie making.
  9. Contact Details: Be sure to include your name and contact email, your city of residence and a two-liner on what you do to give us a perspective on your video.
  10. Limit your written proposals to 350-500 words, although there’s no word limit strictly.
  11. Your video shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes in run time, so fine-tune your ideas and storyboard accordingly
  12. Every applicant is allowed only one proposal. No multiple story submissions.
  13. Applicants can work individually or in a pair or a group. Each group will be permitted one entry submission.
  14. All submissions must be original and clearly attributed to the relevant copyright holder. If referenced from third-party sources or if work is licensed under Creative Commons, please mention so.

For more information please read the Frequently Asked Questions Section at the bottom of the Official Website, or contact Nilofar Ansher at the e-mail [email protected]

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