Brave Kids 2012, Poland

Deadline: Not specified
Open to: Partner Organizations, especially from Europe, China, Central Asia who are working with groups of kids
Venue: Wroclaw and Szczecin (Poland) for three weeks in June/July 2012 (20.06-03.07)


Brave Kids is a program dedicated to children of different backgrounds who use art as a tool for a social change and was started in Wroclaw, Poland in 2009 in frame of Brave Festival – Against Cultural Exile under the patronage of UNESCO and Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage.

The aim is to build a platform for the groups of young artists from regions of the world affected by various tragedies – natural disasters, political conflicts, homelessness and poverty and show that art gives a chance to overcome traumatic experiences and break free of destructive limitations. For all kids, including those coming from the wealthy world, they offer a chance to build confidence in their own competence and appreciate the value of their own artistic expression. They also try making a counterweight to conformist, mass-distributed pop culture. They believe this to be an important step towards shaping the future of the participants of the project and their communities.

Third  edition of Brave Kids  will take place in Wroclaw and Szczecin (Poland) for three weeks in June/July 2012 (20.06-03.07). Each group of kids will take part in one of three locations to take part in the process of creative learning and workshops based on the concept “Kids teach kids”. As the output of it three performances will be created and in the end they will be joint in the workshops in Lower Silesia (03.07 – 09.07) to create a final performance of Brave Kids.  Finally, in total more than 100 kids will perform on one stage.

In 2012 they will gather 106 kids from countries like: Georgia, Israel, Tanzania, Germany, Uganda, Czech Republic, Norway, Kyrgyzstan, Zimbabwe and Poland. They are still open for groups from Europe.

The final performance of all kids will be seen by public of Brave Festival in Wroclaw and in Headquarters of UNESCO in Paris (09.07 – 11.07).

Similarly to the past years, all invited children will be hosted by the host families who provide accommodation, food and a lot of love.

In the end of the project children are invited to show their performance one more time in UNESCO headquarters in Paris as a part of cultural event prepared by Song of the Goat Association, Brave Kids project and the Polish Delegation to UNESCO. It will be supplemented by an intense Seminar devoted to situation of children in the world and the role of arts and culture in social change.


This call is open to groups of kids who are doing art for social change and would like to share your skills and knowledge as well as learn from others.


If you are a group of kids doing art for social change and would like to share your skills and knowledge as well as learn from others for more details, please contact:

The Official Website

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