Student Camp “Stara Planina 2012″, Serbia

Deadline: 15 June 2012
Open to: All interested
Costs: Accommodation and food (breakfast and late lunch) provided; Travel costs are not covered
Venue: village Temska (near town Pirot) on Stara Planina (Old Mountain), 1 – 20. July 2012


The “Jump Organization” from Serbia is inviting all interested to become part of a great adventure in the student camp “Stara Planina 2012″ and become one of 200 participants who will enjoy charms of Serbia.


Volunteers can work individually or within groups, and they will have creative freedom. The works which volunteers create will be shown on exhibition during the ethno festival, which will be organised with the local community in last couple days of the work camp. The works will also stay in village after the end of the camp. For at least one day, the whole camp will set out to cut the invasive plant species ‘three of heaven’ (ailanthus altissima) which grows in the Temštica river gorge inside the nature park and Temska. And another day we will clean the river banks of waste. If needed, volunteers may also help with the organisation of ethno festival, and (depending on interest and specialisation) volunteers may be able to join and contribute to biodiversity explorations. They will be involved in a jam-makig workshop, during which the participants will learn about the true value of organic food that is currently neglected by artificial food, also they will have lectures about forgotten recipes. Volunteers will set up hiking and bicycle tracks detect unauthorized dumping spots.


There will be many other activities organized – workshops about photography, DJ workshop, literary evening, concerts and parties, sports activities (basketball tournament, fishing tournament), lectures on the importance and value of volunteerism in the world, rural activities and optional trips to the highest peak of Serbia (Midžor 2,170 m), and to the organic farm (depending on free time, money and wishes of volunteers). There will also be walking excursions to nearby lakes, caves, and the ancient village ruins of Temac and other villages. In addition, there is a pleasant river in the village which is safe for swimming.


Please bring typically characteristic food and games from your country, as well as a flag. This is very remote part of Serbia and Europe, so every such event like this one would be very popular. Bring one book of poems from your country, you will need it for the literary evening. A sense of team work and humour is more than welcome. A motivation letter is required for those wishing to run certain activities. In this letter, the volunteer will explain what their proposals for the workshop, activity etc are. And please mention any materials that are needed so they can be provided on time. 


The student camp “Stara Planina 2012″ will take place in the village Temska (near town Pirot) on Stara Planina (Old Mountain), from 1 until 20 July 2012.


Travel: The travel costs will not be covered.

Accommodation: At the local school, sleeping bags required. There are also showers and toilets in the school.

Food: Food will be prepared by volunteers.


Creative volunteers are more than welcome. Volunteers interested in research need to be prepared for the subject of their research (biodiversity, geology, archaeology, tourism capacities, art, music etc.) and have some experience of work in the field. Those interested in learning some subjects also need to be prepared for their objective. It is planned to hike a lot, so volunteers should be able to hike sometimes even 15-20 km per day.

Working languages will be English and Serbian.


You can apply for the student camp by filling in the Application form and sending it to [email protected]

Deadline for applications is 15 June 2012.

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