M.A.D Center – Poster Competition

Deadline: 15 June 2012
Open to: All students of fine arts and design, professional artists and designers
Prize: There will be four different awards for the first four winners:
1st prize 1000 EUR, 2nd prize 600 EUR, 3rd prize 400 EUR, 4th prize 200 EUR


The aim of Tirana Architecture Week is to promote international knowledge exchange among professionals and enhance public interest in architecture, art and design, as disciplines deeply concerned with the contemporary city development. One of the main events of Tirana Architecture Week is The Poster Competition which aims at bringing a new global reflection regarding urban and social issues in Tirana, promoting new artists/designers as well as showing a new way of communication in the Albanian society where design is not properly established.

Artists/designers will be free to express their creativity and show their concepts through a poster in any or all of the themes bellow:

1. [Re]Appropriation of the City – Tirana
2. Revival of the City Squares in Balkan Cities
3. Surrealism Fashion
4. I.C.O.N.S : Image of Chaos and Order in a New Society

Submitted posters should express a clear concept related to social and urban issues.

the detailed description of particular themes can be found here.


This is a competition open internationally to all students of fine arts and design, professional artists and designers.

Rules for submitting the poster:

– All posters must be created by an individual artist/designer rather than a team.
– The artwork must be original and not submitted, before or during this event, to another event or publishing house. It should be not clearly identifiable as imitative of any existing art or artist.
– Poster size must be 70x100cm- vertical format.
– For the first submission, posters resolution should be at minimum 72 dpi. After the selection process, selected works should be sent with resolution of minimum 300 dpi .
– Color mode for all designs: CMYK.
– Maximum file size for the first round of submission is 5 MB.
– Technique is freestyle but in the end it should go through any of the Adobe Systems Software Family in any of its versions and it should be put into the requested electronic file format (.PDF or .TIFF).
– The participant is free to choose one or even all topics but should not submit more than one poster per topic.
– Each entry file must be named with the title of the selected topic.
– Together with the poster(s) the author must attach filled application form(download bellow) and a text document of his/her short biography. This document must be named with his/her full name.
– All submitted posters become the property of the Polis University and some of the selected ones will be printed in high sized banners, published in MAD Magazine and FORUM A+P Magazine. One copy of the magazines will be sent to each participant at the end of the competition.
– Author’s name will be associated with the piece in every occasion it is published.


There will be four different awards for the first four winners:
1st prize………….1000 EUR
2nd prize…………..600 EUR
3rd prize……………400 EUR
4th prize……………200 EUR


20 EUR – this is the participation fee per author. After the payment an author can submit one or few posters, but not more than one per topic (based on the rules of the competition). The fee will cover the costs of issuing of the publications (mad magazine & forum a+p) where all the posters will be in print.

Bank Account

IBAN: AL87 2101 1074 0000 0000 0042 4279

Please make sure to leave the folowing information:
Name and Surname: (the same as in the application)
Purpose: Poster Competition TAW

Please download the form, fill it, save it and send it to the following address: [email protected]

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