UN Humanitarian Grant Program 2012

Deadline: 20 July, 2012
Open to: Anyone aged 32 years and under on 1 September 2012
Grant:  The maximum grant payable under this programme is $4,000


The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) is open to accepting applications for the OCHA Humanitarian Futures Grant Programme 2012. The purpose of the programme is to build the capacity of young researchers to study topics relevant to humanitarian action. It provides financial support to enable original research and writing on issues and trends that relate to: 1) the changing drivers of humanitarian need; 2) the system for responding to those needs.
All research projects must be completed within a maximum of six months and result in the preparation of a 20-40 page paper. Projects that include field work and original research will be prioritized. The projects should not focus on the role of OCHA.


The grants are open to anyone aged 32 years and under on 1 September 2012.
Research projects on any topic of relevance to humanitarian policy and practice are welcome


The maximum grant payable under this programme is $4,000, with the exact disbursement to be determined by the nature of the work and the total number of selected projects. The final papers will be published on the OCHA website so they benefit the humanitarian and wider community. Grantees will retain ownership of their work and it will not be used by OCHA for any other purpose.


To apply for a grant under this programme, please submit:

  • a 1-3 page project proposal including an indicative budget (using the format below);
  • a CV and
  • a writing sample to [email protected], with ‘2012 Humanitarian Futures Grant Programme’ in the subject line.

At this time, applications will only be accepted in English. Applications that do not conform to this format will not be considered.
The contact address: [email protected]

The official website.

3 thoughts on “UN Humanitarian Grant Program 2012

  1. Dears

    I have sen the advertisment of research on humanitarian policy and related topics
    i am actual 32 in age but i am very experienaced in humanitarian research in any factors, if it could be possible, could be able to produce very significant/ valuable research


    1. Dear Abdi Ibrahim,

      That is all great, but we only serve as information provider to different opportunities. You need to visit the application links which can be found on our posts and send your application to the organizers there. Please note that Mladiinfo does not give scholarships or any financial support.

      Mladiinfo team

  2. I, too have heard that the RC pays high executive sarlaies. I would like to donate to Children s Promise that pays for orphans to be cared for in foreign countries, and Operation Blessing where much of the labor is donated. These were originated by the 700 Club, and I would like very much to donate to them. If that is not possible, please direct my donations to the Salvation Army. Thank you.

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