Third Biannual Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus Aarhus, Denmark

Deadline: 27 August, 2012
Open to: international artists
Prize: Aarhus Prize of 50,000 DKK (EUR 6,700)


Artists are invited to submit entries for the 3rd biannual Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus – Denmark exhibition to be staged from 1 – 30 June, 2013.
With approximately 600,000 visitors over a period of four weeks, the exhibitions in 2009 and´2011 were fantastic successes.
The exhibition is launched under the patronage of The Crown Prince and Crown Princess of Denmark. Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus- Denmark looks forward to exhibiting sculptures from all over the world in June 2013.


The call is open to international artists.  All types, forms and sizes of sculpture in all materials are eligible for entry to Sculpture by the Sea Aarhus – Denmark (SXS DK). The exhibition site can accommodate the largest to the smallest sculpture, however when submitting works artists are required to consider safety, ease of installation and removal, the environment and the ability of their work to withstand sun, strong wind, rain, salt spray and playful children climbing on the sculpture.

The only sculptures that may be ineligible for the exhibition are those using fire or very loud amplified sound.
Aarhus Council authorises the SXS DK Foundation to stage the exhibition along the coastal walk from Tangkrogen to Ballehage. Please note that works that are considered by the SXS DK Foundation or Aarhus Council to be unsafe will be ineligible. Aarhus Council is committed to maintaining and supporting events that include participation from the broader community and are not discriminatory or offensive in any way.

Artists awards and subsidies

For each exhibition we seek to generate artist subsidies and awards, many of which are finalized throughout the year.
Subsidies and awards confirmed to date for 2013:

  • The Sculpture by the Sea, Aarhus Prize of 50,000 DKK (EUR 6,700).
  • The Public Choice Prize of 25,000 DKK (EUR 3,300).
  •  The Children’s Choice Prize of 25,000 DKK (EUR 3,300).
  • Subsidies of 10,000 DKK (EUR 1,300) for all artists.
    In addition the organizers will provide ALL artists with: 1.Freight for their sculptures to and from Aarhus and a maximum amount of 3,700 DKK (EUR 500) for packaging and 2.Heavy equipment for the installation and de-installation of their sculpture.

The freight and installation / de-installation assistance is subject to discussion with  the Site Manager by each artist after they have been selected for SXS DK and an agreement reached detailing the level of support approved by the Site Manager.
Only costs which have been approved in advance by the Site Manager of SXS DK will be covered.
Once selected, artists will be informed when the subsidies will be paid.


Visit the Aarhus 2013 Application and Entry forms, for more information and application.  Questions regarding Open Call please contact Exhibition Coordinator Lisbeth Bruhn Gitz-Johansen: [email protected]


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