STARS Foundation’s Awards

Deadline: 12 November, 2012
Open to: NGOs across Africa -Middle East and Asia-Pacific working in areas of Health, Education, Protection and WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and focused on helping disadvantaged children
Grant/Award: $100,000

Founded by Dabbagh Group in 2001 and based in London, STARS Foundation provides  grants to non-profit making organisations working with disadvantaged children.

What are the awards?

The STARS Impact Awards identify and support local organisations that achieve excellence in the provision of services to disadvantaged children and that demonstrate effective management practices.

The main Impact Award will be given to four winners per region (one each in Health, Education, Protection and WASH). This bespoke package will consist of:

  • $100,000 of unrestricted funding
  • A bespoke package of consultancy and PR support
  • Media training
  • A portfolio of high quality photos
  • A film that showcases their work
  • A week in London for a representative to receive the Award and meet potential partners.

In addition, smaller Awards of different sizes will be made at the discretion of STARS’ Board of Trustees for the following:

Runners Up that will receive:

  • Unrestricted funding
  • A bespoke package of consultancy, and PR support
  • A portfolio of high quality photos that showcases their work

Rising Stars that will receive:

  • Unrestricted funding
  • A bespoke package of consultancy, and PR support
  • A portfolio of high quality photos that showcases their work

Rising Stars will in particular be encouraged to be part of a STARS initiative around accelerating their development as outstanding grassroots organisations that demonstrate potential.

Small Award recipients that will receive:

  • Unrestricted funding
  • The opportunity to work together with STARS for up to one year to promote their plans to other donors and seek to raise additional funding.


The organisation must be well run and effectively managed. The criteria that STARS is interested in are:

  • Delivery of programmes and impact on the lives of disadvantaged children
  • Governance and accountability to stakeholders
  • Effective finance and administration
  • Use of technology
  • Innovation and flexibility
  • Networking and collaborating with other organisations
  • Human resource management
  • Inclusion and access

This is call for locally registered organisations from Africa -Middle East and Asia – Pacific countries. The list of eligible countries you can check here

An applicant organization is eligible to apply for the 2013 Awards if it answers YES to all of these questions

How to apply?

You can register and find application form here

STARS would also like to know how your organisation would use the Award if it were selected as an Award recipient. As the Award includes unrestricted funding, there is a lot of flexibility around how it can be used. As long as it ultimately benefits children and falls within English Charity Law, the Award can be put towards any activity, including planning for future sustainability, covering core running costs or delivery of programmes.

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  1. I am the founder of aproject known as Kagondo Scientific Business Training Centre , it is for training younth and aldult on vacational education and BusinessEducation under recoginition of Vocational Education and Training Authority Tanzania.Then we offer Secondary Education under recoginition of National Institute of Adult Education Tanzania
    The Training Centre is already established and we have spacial proposal for it . Therefore if we get money (award ) We would use it for constraction of water tank , and to buy some teaching facilities like computers and some teaching/ learning material like text and refference books and other needs for our training centre -it will depend on the amount will be given because we have more needs are stated in our proposal writeup .We ask you to conect us to donors
    Thank you for your asistance

    1. Dear Jovini H Boneface

      Please note that Mladiinfo does not give any financial support, but only informs about different opportunities. We appreciate your proposals, but unfortunately we cannot help you to find donors.

      Best regards,
      Mladiinfo team

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