Challenge:Future Cool T-Shirt Phrase Contest

Deadline: 16 October, 2012
Open to: Everyone worldwide; no student status is required as well as there is no age limit.
Rewards: The youth Think Tank Challenge:Future promises that will feature the winning phrase on their platform, newsletter and social media. Plus, C:F will make T-Shirts with the winning phrase and provide some for the winner.

C:F Cool Phrase Quick Challenge

Can you come up with a super catchy phrase for a T-shirt? We have all seen them. On banners, T-shirts, in videos, among friends, even your neighbour uses them. From Nike’s „Just do it”, Apple’s „Think Different”, McDonald’s „I’m loving it!” to funny ones we see on people’s T-Shirts.


Everyone will want to be part of Challenge:Future thanks to your super catchy best T-Shirt phrase ever. It will be catchy and express C:F in max 9 words. It will be funny, smart, the most suitable catchy phrase or tagline for C:F. We’ll put it on our T-Shirts and proudly wear it!

Post your idea! It’s easy and fun, plus it doesn’t have to be more than 9 words. Easy catch, huh? Caution! Overdose of funny phrase recommended.

Eligibility and Timeline

In order to join the quick challenge, you need to be first registered on the Challenge:Future platform. You can register by visiting this link. No student status is required and there is no age limit for participation in this challenge. The quick challenge timeline is the following:

  • Submissions: 12 September – 16 October, 2012
  • Voting: 10 October – 16 October, 2012
  • Judging: 17 October – 18 October, 2012
  • Winners announced: 18 October 2012

Judges will be looking for:

  1. Catchiness of the phrase – does it stick like glue?
  2. Fun Embedded – Every time I see it, I smile.
  3. C:F related – (Youth, Impact, Future)


  • Your submission should be text no longer than 9 words.
  • It has to be your ORIGINAL idea. Nothing stolen from the internet. Use your own imagination and let it go wild. You can actually google it before posting.
  • Please limit yourself to coming up with the phrase, don’t complicate with designs and stuff. Though if you have some uber cool ideas please do share them!

To see additional information about the quick challenge go HERE.


  • Eternal fame and glory for the Winner! The youth Think Tank Challenge:Future promises that will feature you on their platform with more than 24,000 members, newsletter and social media. You’ll go global! You’ll be remembered. Forever!
  • Plus, C:F will make T-Shirts with your catchy phrase, proudly wear them and send some for you!

To learn more about Challenge:Future visit the official website.

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