Challenge Facility For Civil Society

Deadline: 30 September, 2012
Open to: organizations from the following countries,  which work on tuberculosis (TB).
Grant: The current round has a budget of US$300,000. Individual grants range from US$5,000 to US$20,000.


The Challenge Facility is very pleased to announce a new call for proposals for the 5th round of the Stop TB Partnership’s Challenge Facility for Civil Society: the world’s leading small grant mechanism for grass-roots level community work on tuberculosis.

For this round, in order to address one of the most crucial needs in TB, the special focus of the successful applications should be on activities that build the capacity of civil to advocate for services and that contribute to the creation of a network of advocates prepared to speak out and raise consciousness about challenges in reaching affected communities with TB care and help solve bottlenecks in TB programmes or Global Fund grant implementation.


The current round has a budget of US$300,000. Individual grants range from US$5,000 to US$20,000.


This is the call only for organizations from these countries

To be considered for a Challenge Facility grant an organization must:

  • have a basic management structure and processes in place
  • be solvent, with or without Stop TB Partnership`s funding for the organization
  • represent and serve an identifiable community, such as people living with TB, MDR-TB, TB/HIV, women, children, poor/neglected communities, or people living in remote rural areas with significant burden of TB
  • have a track record of carrying out activities with tangible outputs and outcomes in the area of advocacy or social mobilization
  • have a clearly defined vision, mission and set of objectives
  • have experience providing grass roots level support to communities
  • have links with other development and/or health institutions

How to apply?

Application must:

  • be duly filled out (with all required fields completed)
  • be received by the Stop TB Partnership Secretariat along with all supporting documents before the application deadline
  • not exceed US$20,000 per proposal
  • not exceed 12 months duration
  • have clearly defined objectives, activities and outcomes (with measures) which are achievable through the specific project for which funding is being requested
  • have documentation to confirm that it is a registered organization
  • have been operating for at least one full year (according to date exhibited on registration certificate)
  • propose a budget in which the proportion of funding spent on salary & administrative costs does not exceed 25% of the total budget. The rest of the funding should be spent on direct programme related activities (70%-75% on activities vs. not more than 25%-30% on salaries/admin)
  • agree to be part of the Stop TB Partnership TB Advocates Networks and share their knowledge through that platform
  • if a recipient of a previous round, please add to the application the financial report and final report on what was achieved using the funds received.

Applications must be accompanied by:

  1. Copy of the registration certificate of the organization;
  2. Copy of any clearance issued by the competent national authority showing that you may receive grant funds from outside the country, if such a clearance is required by your government. In case such a clearance is not sent to the Stop TB Partnership within two months of being notified of the NGO being selected to win the grant the award of the grant will be cancelled and no funds will be remitted.

Application Form and Guidance for Applicants you can find on the Official Website

The deadline for receipt of completed proposals, including all supporting and required documents, is 30 September, 2012.

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