CouchSurfing Video Contest: Win Round the World Tickets

Deadline: 30 November, 2012
Open to: Everyone with some experience in CouchSurfing
Award: 2 CouchSurfers will win Round the World Airline tickets + 10 Runners Up for CS Staff Favoriteswill receive a CouchSurfing hoodie and prize bag

“Get inspired” Video Contest

Are you familiar with the CouchSurfing network? It is a volunteer-based worldwide network connecting travelers with members of local communities, who offer free accommodation and/or advice. The CouchSurfing team sees amazing videos created by CouchSurfers every day. This year, they’d like to say thanks by giving two filmmakers the best prize they can give:  more incredible experiences.

CouchSurfing is all about “Inspiring Experiences.”  What does that mean to you?  Create an inspiring video and you could be off exploring the world in no time!  Two winners will each receive a round-the-world airline ticket for a once in a lifetime CouchSurfing adventure.  Winning videos will also be featured on the CouchSurfing homepage and YouTube channel.

How to Enter?

  1. Upload your video to YouTube and be sure to include “CouchSurfing” somewhere in the title of the video.
  2. All videos submitted must be posted on Youtube no earlier than noon PST (GMT-8) October 3, 2012 and no later than noon PST (GMT-8) November 30, 2012.  (If you posted your video on Youtube prior to 10/3/2012, you need to repost it for this contest.)
  3. Use this form  to officially enter the contest.  Make sure you tweet your video @CouchSurfing and include #CouchSurfingVideoContest
  4. Two winners will be announced by December 14.


Two CouchSurfers will win Round the World Airplane Tickets. RTW Ticket #1 will be awarded to the video with most likes on YouTube, and RTW Ticket #2 will be awarded to the CouchSurfing staff favourite video.  Additionally, 10 Runners Up for CS Staff Favorites will receive a CouchSurfing hoodie and prize bag.

Additional Guidelines

Your video can be about whatever you want, just so long as it’s about CouchSurfing. CouchSurfing means something different to each of us. What does it mean to you? Here are some examples of possible themes:

  • Why my town rocks for CouchSurfers
  • My amazing CouchSurfing adventure
  • The coolest CouchSurfer I’ve ever met
  • What CouchSurfing means to me
  • The best CouchSurfing activity ever!
  • How CouchSurfing changed my life
  • Little known facts about CouchSurfing that you wouldn’t have expected
  • CouchSurfing local community talent show

Put “CouchSurfing” somewhere in the title of your video on YouTube. Please refer to our trademark policy about using our name, terms and logo.

Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do (in other words, don’t break the Official Rules.)

Make sure you have permission for everything and everyone in the video. Avoid copyrighted music, logos and other branding.

Be sure to read all the Official Rules here!

For more information please visit the official website.

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