German Film Festival Seeks Narrative Art Films

Deadline: 30 November 2012
Open to: international visual artists who have produced films of any length in single-channel format after 1 January 2011, except for documentary and non-narrative experimental pieces.
Prize: two main prizes amounting to a total of 25,000 EUR


From 24 to 28 April 2013, Munich will host KINO DER KUNST, the first event of its kind worldwide to present films by visual artists who take cinema beyond its traditional boundaries and explore new narrative forms. KINO DER KUNST is designed to be an exhibition and a film festival in one, creating a showcase for current art trends and an international meeting point for artists, curators and the public.

Kino der Kunst will feature a competition with generous prizes, a retrospective programme of feature-length films by artists ranging from Hans Richter and Rebecca Horn to Steve McQueen and Julian Schnabel, a wide range of works from specific geographical regions and a number of museum-based multi-channel installations, all aimed at examining the current relationship between cinema and art.

The comprehensive retrospective is also dedicated to London artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien and will screen his feature films, multi-channel pieces and feature-length documentaries, such as “Derek”, his tribute to the deceased film pioneer Derek Jarman. A comprehensive region-specific exhibition will showcase artists’ films from Asia. There will also be lectures, workshops, a trade fair for young talent featuring projects by European artists under 35 with the ARRI Award, presented to an exceptional work of an artist working with time-based media.

For more information, please see the official website HERE.


A jury comprising a range of illustrious figures, such as New York artist Cindy Sherman, Isaac Julien and Jean de Loisy, director of the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, will award two main prizes amounting to a total of 25,000 EUR.


All visual artists are eligible to send in applications. The call for entries is aimed at international artists’ films of any length in single-channel format, produced after 1 January 2011. Documentary and non-narrative experimental pieces will not be accepted.

Films which contain dialogue in languages other than English must be subtitled into English. Possible screening formats include DCP/HD/BluRay/16mm/35mm. Video formats will be copied onto hard disk by the festival.

Entrants from non-EU countries must write the following customs declaration on all packages “only for cultural purposes, with no commercial value”. Items sent from outside the EU must include a pro forma invoice of a maximum of 10 EUR. Costs that arise as a result of declaration errors will be invoiced to the sender.

Read the complete rules and regulations HERE.


The deadline for sending signed submission forms and preview DVDs to the festival office of KINO DER KUNST is 30 November 2012. Films can only be registered for the KINO DER KUNST festival 2013 using the application form on this website!

When you have completed the registration form, you will receive a printable document with your registration number, confirming your application to participate in the festival.

Please print and sign this document and send it with your preview DVD to the festival (address: KINO DER KUNST, EIKON Süd GmbH, Birkerstraße 22, 80636 München). Please note that they cannot return submitted preview material.

Should you have any technical problems when filling out the form, please e-mail [email protected] or phone tel. +49 89-1301430 0.

Entrants will be informed of whether their film has been accepted from 15 February 2012 by e-mail.

Contact information for further questions:
Birkerstrasse 22
80636 Munich
tel: 089 – 130 14 30 0
[email protected]

Please see the original website AVAILABLE HERE for more information.

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