Design the logo for the Citizens Pact for European Democracy

Deadline: 10 February, 2013
Open to: graphic designers and artists
Award: 200€

Graphic designers and artists are invited to a transnational contest to design the logo of the Citizens Pact for European Democracy.

At the end of 2012, while the European institutions were busy imposing a “fiscal compact” on European countries, citizens and organisations representing them decided to develop an alternative pact, a “citizens pact” asking for more democracy at the European level.

The Citizens Pact is wished to move in a different direction to any European inter-governmental Treaty. The Pact aims indeed at being at the same time a pact of cooperation and solidarity between European Citizens (and migrants with residency in Europe) and a pact between citizens and some institutions ready to back our demands.

Throughout 2013, and until the European Parliamentary elections in early 2014, citizens across Europe will organise forums, conferences, debates, artistic performances, research workshops and much more to come up with a shared set of proposals to improve European democracy.

Anyone wishing to take part in this open process, will have to sign up to a series of principles and show the Citizens Pact logo in their communication material and website.


The contest is open to graphic designers and artists from throughout Europe.


The selected logo will appear on hundreds of pages in all corners of Europe. The winner will also be awarded 200€.

How to enter

Please send your logo proposal to [email protected] by 10 February  2013.

The Official Website

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