The National Geographic Try for a Guinness World Record

Deadline: 29 September 2013
Open to: anyone who wants to participate
Prize: try for a Guinness World Records® Title for the largest-ever online album of animal photos


This year marks the 125th anniversary of the National Geographic Society. They view this anniversary as a chance to not only celebrate a wonderful past, but also to look forward to a new age of exploration.

The Great Nature Project is a worldwide celebration of the planet and its wonders. People of all ages are invited to appreciate nature by taking pictures of plants and animals in their worlds, and then sharing those pictures with the whole world. Together we’ll create a global snapshot of the Earth’s incredible biodiversity—and try for a Guinness World Records® Title for the largest-ever online album of animal photos!

The Great Nature Project is one of the largest initiatives National Geographic has ever created, but they need your help to pull it off. So get outside, explore, and connect, and join others for a project as big as the world itself.


The Great Nature Project is open to anyone who wants to participate, individuals as well as groups. In order to be included in the Project, your photo must include at least one non-human living thing. Photos of dead animals are not accepted. National Geographic staff may also remove photos that are vulgar, pornographic suggestive, or shocking. For the Great Nature Project your photos can be any size, although each photo-sharing platform has its own size guidelines. To be included in the Guinness World Records® Title attempt, each image must be at least 300×300 pixels.


Joining is easy and free:

  1. Get outside and explore the nature in your neighborhood. Snap a photo of a plant, animal, or other living thing.
  2. Upload your photo to Twitter, Instagram, or Flickr (kids who are 13 or under should upload their photos to National Geographic’s Kids My Shot), and use the hashtag #GreatNature.
  3. Add the #animal tag to any of your animal pictures to help achieve a Guinness World Records® Title for the Largest Online Photo Album of Animals.

To participate in a community of citizen scientists, where experts and other nature lovers will help you identify the species you’ve photographed, join the Great Nature Project on Project NoahiNaturalist, or iSpot.

To be part of a global snapshot of biodiversity, submit photos between September 21 and 29, 2013. 

More information at the official website.

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