Europe & Me Young Journalist Award

Deadline: 25 November 2013 midnight CET (extended)
Open to: young Europeans who want to write about a transnational European topic
Prize: cash prizes, publication, invitation to writing workshops in Germany


You can’t hear the term “European debt crisis” anymore? You are done with media covering news only from a national angle? You want to make your opinion heard? E&M has something in store for you!

The E&M Young Journalist Award is E&M’s brand new essay competition, targeted at young Europeans who want to write about a transnational European topic – from a fresh and personal perspective. Sharpen your own analysis of what is going on in Europe, and dash into the public discourse with your submission. Join us to make journalism as transnational as our daily lives are. And get in touch with renowned professionals and jury members at their award winning workshop. Application is now open for the first E&M Young Journalist Award!

Your submission piece must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. it is between 1,500 and 2,000 words,
  2.  it demonstrates a fresh, individual approach, and follow journalistic conventions (i. e. not being written in academic style),
  3. it includes and reflects the experiences and opinions of young Europeans
  4. it is well evidenced and demonstrates original research, which could be founded in the statements of protagonists, testimonies, experts, academics, journalists, representatives of different positions or conflict parties etc.
  5. it covers a European topic from a transnational perspective: it is interesting for at least two different European countries. Of course you can come up with own topic. Just to provide for inspiration and orientation, here are some proposals and food for ideas:
  • Migration reversed – will the young generation leave Europe behind?
  • Generation internship – is Europe throwing away its potential?
  • Growing up in the countryside – is Europe good for everybody?
  • How the EU became the ECB-U, the ESM-U and the EMF-U – and what this means for democracy
  • Yugoslavia, k. &. k., & Co. reloaded – what can Europe learn from multiethnic realms in the past?
  • Srebrenica, Sirte, Homs, Ghuta – why there is no such thing as a European foreign policy, and why there should be
  • Erasmus Love – how transnational dating makes Europe a better place

Complementary use of audio, video, multimedia etc. is encouraged, though articles entirely in print will not be in any way at a disadvantage.

It must be an original and unpublished piece.


A jury of renowned professional journalists and E&M will nominate a first prize of 500 EUR, plus two runners-up of 150 EUR each.

All short-listed articles will be published in a special edition at E&M, and will be available for other media to republish.

Winners will be invited to a two days award winning workshop under participation of European journalists and E&M editors, taking place in Berlin in March, 2014.

Get the chance to become part of our Europe-wide network of contributors, and to join the E&M project on a regular basis.


The contest is open to people who are:

  • under 30,
  • a resident of the EU, candidate countries or neighbouring countries. No need to be a European Union citizen. Also, as for the definition of “neighbouring countries,” in case of doubt, E&M will pursue an elastic approach – in short: E&M warmly encourages all submissions considered relevant!
  • not (yet) a professional journalist – this implies you are not currently working or have worked in the past as a professional journalist (freelance or otherwise). In case of doubts about eligibility please write the organizers an email.


Submission deadline is 25 November 2013 midnight CET (extended). Application is open by now – just email your submission to [email protected]

Please enclose a brief CV and contact information (name, address, email, date of birth). By submitting, you confirm to be eligible for participation according to the terms of submission.

For further details, please see the official website HERE.

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