Study Programs at MIT University in Skopje, Macedonia

Deadline: ongoing
Open to: international undergraduate and postgraduate students


MIT University is a leader in implementing educational programs, internationally recognized for its quality, modern design and specialization in the interest of profiling and affirming young leaders who will successfully engage themselves in their work environments. The university is located in Skopje, Macedonia.

MIT University offers the possibility for high specialization in various areas, as well as personalization of the program for every student through large list of modules and elective courses. Each of the 8 faculties organizes a wide range of activities for the first and second cycle of studies.

The Colleges that comprise MIT University are:

1) Faculty of Management: offers specific programs, developed for preparing experts of narrow specialization in different fields including Business Management, Security and Financial Control, Health Management, Public Administration and Local Self-Government, and Financial Management. The programs are pretty unique and dedicated on specific areas of crucial importance for society, such as health care management, management of security and financial control and management of public administration and local self-government.

2) Faculty of Computer Science and Technology: strives toward practical knowledge transfer, thus enabling students to combine lectures with practical experience. This approach, along with its engagement in modern Macedonian industry, has the aim to educate graduates who will be highly valued on the labor market. They aim at educating personnel who will be highly competitive as professionals in the field of business, electronic trade, IT, communication and scientific research. This faculty offers a wide range of programs including Web Programming, System Engineering and Administration, IT Management, and Information Technologies.

3) Faculty of Architecture: works to provide education, research and application of knowledge, study of the global architectural thought and practice, while fostering and promoting traditional features and values. Their educational offer matches the needs of economy and science, through special lectures on physics building, an area that corresponds with global trends and cost-energy efficiency, and in this context the use of solar energy. Their mission is to educate students that will be able to work and get recognition not only in Macedonia, but anywhere in the world. The keywords for our work are: professionalism, vision and interdisciplinarity in every stage of educational processes. They offer programs such as Design, Project Engineering and Urbanism.

4) Faculty of Ecological Resources Managementhas a comprehensive and unique study program that creates prospective constructors of the green future of our society. Knowing the process of managing environmental resources, coupled with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience gained in the field of ecology is what presents this faculty’s students as “leaders of the new generation,” which the world is eagerly awaiting. Through the application of scientific-research methods in programs for Water Management, Agribusiness, Food Safety, Waste Management, and Plant and Animal Life Management, MIT students are setting standards for respecting environmental values, learning how to exploit natural resources sustainably, as well as effectively assessing environmental and energy security and climate change.

5) Faculty of Tourism Management: creates professionals with diverse practical knowledge, skills, and appreciation of the latest methods and procedures in scientific and technological achievements in the field of tourism. The multidisciplinary approach allows immediate application of knowledge , not only in the institutions dealing with tourism directly (travel agencies, hotels and other organizations relevant to the development of tourism, restaurants and other catering facilities), but in all institutional forms that are created on the basis of exploring the power of natural resources and rural areas, with emphasis on environmental protection. This faculty provides its students with highly specialized theoretical education, professional practice and collaboration with the best practitioners  and professors in the field of tourism for degrees in Rural Tourism and Eco Tourism.

6) Faculty of Psychology: This Faculty offers a Master program in accordance with principles of Bologna declaration. Teaching staff and students collaborate with renowned psychological counseling, NGO sector, international organizations and local communities through projects that will further develop the cooperation and support based on partnership and collaboration. In accordance with the basic principles of the Bologna Declaration, the Faculty of Psychology is interested in achieving maximum openness of studies and student mobility. One way to achieve the idea of organizing the studies is through continuous effort to fully comply with the recommendations of the European framework for education psychologist (EuroPsyT). Upon completion of master studies the student acquires the title MsC of psychology.

7) Faculty of Legal Sciences, International Relations and Diplomacy: uses modular programs and legal clinics to allow prospective students an education of deeper quality and enriched quantity, professional practice and collaboration with the experienced professors and practitioners from the country and abroad, top diplomats, judges and advocates, giving them a guaranteed successful career in law, diplomacy and international relations, as well as public administration, local and central governmental bodies and judiciary. This Faculty offers programs in Public Administration; International Law, International Relations And Diplomacy; and Criminal Law.

8) Faculty of Security, Criminology and Financial Control: follows the commitment to implement modern and flexible study programs in accordance with national and international security through: security theories and security studies, critical security studies, theories of peace and conflict, criminology, criminal forensics and prevention of money laundering, financing of terrorism and organized crime, by actively integrating the environment and creating relationships with community needs


MIT University
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