My Best Fail Story of the Year 2013!

Deadline: 5 February 2014, 5 p.m. CEST
Open to: Challenge Future (C:F) members of any age
Prizes: three months professional mentorship via Skype


Challenge:Future is inviting you to think about what was your the best story of failure of 2013, and what you learnt from it.  Maybe you dropped, missed, overlooked or neglected something critical in a project,  happens when the light hits them.  What can you – or have you already – learned from your best failure of 2013?

After you’ve thought about it, take us on the journey of your learning.  Use any kind of presentation anywhere between 5-7 slides to tell your tale. Choose your words carefully, you’ve only got a short caption to describe each of the images you include.  When your story is complete, select an appealing title and submit it .


All applicants need to be registered on C:F platform in order to apply. Student status is not required. There is no age limit for participation in this challenge, so you can be younger or older to fail.


Three winners will receive special award, a three months mentorship, one hour per month over Skype or any other agreed form of communication from the following mentors:

  • Jose Antionio Morales; Chief Failure Officer at The Fail and Fear Conferences and founder of  Lincoln Island Networking Expeditions;
  • Dr. Jaro Berce, associate professor and author of Leadership by Virtue;
  • Hayley Lapalme, expert on outstanding leadership & facilitation within and across cultures, C:F Youth Advisory Board.


1. Identify your best failure of 2013.  Be brave and bold and choose a moment that really has some ‘OWWW!’ in it for you.
2. Decide to use the safe space provided by the C:F community to share your journey of learning from failure.
3. Get creative!  Choose 5-7 slides to use that will take your audience along your journey of learning.
4. Once your story is complete, make your submission.
5. Share your story with your friends, family, and the community and encourage others to confront tough moments and turn them into learning moments!


19 December – 5 February  – Application period
29 January – 5 February  – Voting Period
6  February – 19 February – Judging period
20 February – Winners announced

For more information, check out  the official web-site.

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