UNESCO World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development, Japan

Deadline: 1 June 2014
Open to: participants involved in Education for Sustainable Development from 18-35 years.
Venue: 10-12 November 2014, Aichi-Nagoya, Okayama City, Japan


UNESCO, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT), the Japanese National Commission for UNESCO, the City of Okayama and the Goi Peace foundation are organizing a world conference of Education for Sustainable Development, at the beginning of November, in Okayama, Japan.

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) means including crucial sustainable development issues into teaching and learning. Some of these issues include: climate change, disaster risk reduction, biodiversity, poverty reduction, and sustainable consumption. All these above mentioned issues require innovation in teaching and learning methods that will empower learners to take action for sustainable development.

This Conference invites 50 young ESD leaders to exchange their experience and ideas on the development of the ESD global movement.


The conference is open to all young people from 18-35 years involved in Education for sustainable development.
These are the eligibility criteria necessary to participate in the conference:

  1. Age: 18-35 years;
  2. Engagements and expertise in ESD;
  3. Willingness to contribute and participate to the conference discussions and output;
  4. Commitment in participating in the preparations and follow-up processes to ensure a productive conference;
  5. Possibility of dissemination and multiplications of the conference results;
  6. Commitment to advance ESD after 2014;
  7. Geographic, gender, age , and sector diversity;


Successful applicants will receive a travel sponsorship (accommodation, food, return flights, transportation within Japan). Domestic transportation (trip from their home to the airport) will be on participants’ expense.


To apply potential participants must submit the following documents:

  • Application form completed in English. The document must be saved in WORD file with the following file name: “LAST NAME_First Name_Country Name.docx”. To download the application form, please go to the official webpage of the conference.
  • Recommendation letter from a head or officer of an ESD/youth-related organization or institution stating the applicant’s engagement and relevant competency in ESD. The letter must be written in English and include contact information of the referee (any format, one page max.).

Applicants should send these two documents to [email protected]

All participants in the UNESCO ESD Youth Conference are invited to take part in the World Conference in Aichi-Nagoya as youth representatives among other general participants, and to contribute to the objectives of the World Conference through active participation in plenary and parallel workshops.

The application deadline is 1 June 2014.

For further information on the conference, please check the application guidelines.

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