Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition

Deadline: 30 April 2015
Open to: anyone with an interest in photography
Prize: various discounts in purchase of Nikon equipment


The 2015 Nikon Small World International Photomicrography and Video Competition has opened for entries, to once again showcase the beauty and complexity of life as seen through the light microscope. The subject matter is unrestricted and any type of light microscopy technique is acceptable, including phase contrast, polarized light, fluorescence, interference contrast, darkfield, confocal, deconvolution, and mixed techniques.


The competition is open to anyone with an interest in photography and movies taken through the microscope.


Anyone over the age of 18 interested in digital or film photography through the microscope is eligible to enter in this competition. Photomicrographs must be taken using a light microscope, such as one of the Nikon series of compound or stereoscopic microscopes, but using a Nicon equipment is not obligatory. Images must be submitted either:

  • Digitally by   uploading to the Small World Competition entry area on the official website. Maximum file size is 100MB, and it is recommended the file size be no smaller than 3MB although smaller file sizes will not be disqualified. Files must be in .jpeg, .tiff, .pict or   .psd format. Please submit the highest quality image with regard to file size, bit depth, and resolution.
  • Images can be submitted either digitally or on film. For images on film, a 35mm mounted transparency will   be accepted. Glass mounts will not be accepted.

Entries will be judged on: Originality, Informational Content, Technical Proficiency, Visual Impact.


Nikon will award 20 prizes varying from $3000 to $100. All prize amount, which you can review HERE, are to be redeemed for Nikon photographic, scientific or industrial equipment and accessories at their suggested retail selling prices in the U.S.A.


You can submit your entries here. Deadline for submission is 30 April 2014.

For more information please visit  the official webpage

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