TC for Young Media Makers “World Perspectives: Diversity Voices”

Deadline: 14 October 2015
Open to: media-makers, journalism students, bloggers and citizen journalists aged 18-30 from specific countries (see below) with an interest in fields of ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees
Venue: 23-29 November 2015, Budapest, Hungary


European Youth Press is looking for participants to join the Training Course “World Perspectives: Diversity Voices” that will take place from 23-29 November 2015 in Budapest. The main objective of the training course is to increasing professional journalistic capacities through hands-on reporting as well as to create an international network of young media makers and analysts active on minority and youth rights. The project aims to raise awareness on biased information about minorities issues in the media, and the frequency with which they appear. Participants will represent a diverse range of countries and cultural backgrounds, which will bring an added range of new insights and experience to group work, built around inter-cultural exchange. Participants of the training course will:

  • Engage with key issues through combination of peer-to-peer learning, group exercise, discussions, role-plays, analyses and expert presentations;
  • Get acquainted with diverse and differing accounts both in international and their own national media about selected news items and asked to critically analyze them;
  • Learn about the human rights of minority, migrant and refugee communities in Europe and look at strategies for how minorities can more effectively participate in the media;
  • Undertake a number of practical media workshops, which will increase their journalistic and media production (photo, video, print, online, radio) skills;
  • Create through group work a short media piece on the topics of minority, migrant and refugee rights, by the end of the study session.


The training course is open to:

  • Young media-makers, journalism students, bloggers and citizen journalists with demonstrated interest in issues related to the rights of ethnic minorities, migrants and refugees;
  • Between 18-30 years old;
  • Residents of Armenia, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Serbia and Sweden;
  • Proficient in English;
  • Participants of minority backgrounds are especially encouraged to apply.


A participation fee of EUR 30 will be charged by the organizers. This training course is funded by the Erasmus+ grant. From 80% to 100% of international travel costs will be covered and reimbursed to participants after the training. Although travel costs will be reimbursed, participants will be expected to make their own travel arrangements as soon as possible after being selected. Participants will be also expected to take the cheapest route from their place of residence to Budapest. Additionally, organizers will provide accommodation, meals and all materials to be used.

How to apply?

The deadline for applications is 14 October 2015. Interested candidates are invited to apply by filling application form HERE.

For more information please visit the official website.

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