Call for Submissions for The European Expression Journal

Deadline: 15 August 2016
Open to:  academics, professionals, post-graduates and PhD students
Venue: The European Expression journal


The European Expression journal calls for contribution for their journal on the topic Gender Equality and Mainstreaming. The European Expression is a quarterly journal on European affairs published by the Athens-based civil society organization Evropaiki Ekfrasi, which is the parent organization of the Brussels-based European Demos. The journal was founded in Athens in 1989 and moved its base to Brussels in early 2016. It is distributed to various EU bodies and organs (e.g., the European Parliament) as well as embassies in Brussels, university libraries and civil society organizations.

Open to various topics related to this overall theme. Possible topics could include, among many others:

  • Whether mainstreaming has managed to affect or transform core policy areas in the European Union;
  • The failed maternity leave and the impact for mainstreaming efforts and gender equality at the workplace;
  • Whether directives and relevant legislation changes have made significant impact on the prosecution of gender-based violence and discrimination;
  • Europe’s migration challenge and whether, as well as how, gender mainstreaming will inform relevant upcoming policies and actions;
  • Female leadership and the issue of equal representation;
  • Considering that existing structures are not gender-neutral, how can our education system respond to the technological advances that are changing the workplace in order to prepare a new generation of girls and women for participation?;
  • Bottom-up and side-to-side top-down responses to gender equality.


  • Academics;
  • Professionals in the field;
  • Post-graduates;
  • PhD students.

How to apply?

The procedure for applying is first to send a short email to express your interest in contributing, along with the topic and a 200-word outline structure, by 15 August 2016. Email it to [email protected] with copy to [email protected] . You will receive feedback by 20th of August. If you are selected the next phase is that you will be asked to send a full article by 15 September 2016. Revised articles will be expected by the 30th of September for publication in mid November.

Article specifications

  • Only articles written in English will be considered for review;
  • Articles content should be original and not have been part of a prior publication at the time of print;
  • Article length between 800 – 1100 words excluding footnotes;
  • Include only a few key bibliographical references / footnotes;
  • The approach to each topic is left on the discretion of the author, however we expect well-founded arguments, and particularly welcome comparative analyses that add novel contribution to the topic at hand;
  • With regard to style, please refer to the Harvard citation guidelines.

For more information please visit the official call.

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