Video Maker at CaféBabel

Deadline: 31 August 2016
Open to: all candidates, regardless of education or experience, younger than 26 and holding European citizenship and/or have a French titre de séjour 
Remuneration: a monthly salary of 1088,04 Euro net + a housing supplement, restaurant tickets per month, contribution to travel expenses


Cafébabel is Europe’s first online participatory media, now over 15 years old. Its publication is maintained by a highly motivated network of around 1,500 volunteers from all over Europe and boasts a professional editorial team based in Paris. The goal of the magazine is to offer a platform for civic expression to young Europeans and to promote the development of a European public opinion. Cafébabel is a project run by Babel International, a not-for-profit organisation. Babel International organises debates, training sessions and reporting excursions all over Europe, runs Cafébabel and supports a team of volunteers throughout the continent.

Cafébabel is looking for a “civic service” contract over a period of 6 months. Cafébabel’s mission is to promote European citizenship, and to offer a platform for young Europeans to express themselves through participatory journalism.


  • All candidates, regardless of education or experience;
  • Younger than 26 (born after 18th July 1990) and hold European citizenship and/or have a French titre de séjour allowing you to complete a “civic service” contract;
  • Preferred if you speak French, as well as any of the other publication languages (Italian, Spanish, German or Polish);
  • Interested in news and different forms of online expression;
  • Editorial experience-pitching subjects and ideas, storyboarding, etc.;
  • Experience of editing videos specifically of video editing software;
  • Some knowledge of image usage rights and copyrights;
  • Experience of new media and the process of creating and sharing online content.


  • The position is paid and the monthly salary is 1088,04 Euro net;
  • 467,34 net contributed by the French state;
  • 450 Euro as a housing supplement for volunteers living outside of Paris and Ile de France (with proof of address);
  • 100,70 Euro in form of 19 restaurant tickets per month;
  • 70 Euro in travel expenses (Passe Navigo,covering 2 zones);
  • There is also a possibility of 100 Euro per month for those with proof of “RSA” (minimum benefits provided by the French state);
  • This non-renewable, 6-month contract.

How to apply?

In order to apply please send your application (CV and cover letter in English) before August 31, 2016 to Anthony Papadimitriu at [email protected].

More information about Cafébabel on the official website.

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