Our First MOOC: “Discover Yourself: Build a Career and Make an Impact”

Choosing your careers path can be difficult. On this journey, you will need a strong will and passion to keep up when the times will get rough. What you should consider when or even before starting your professional journey. First, ask yourself the following questions: Do you know what do you love doing? Are you aware of what you do well? Do you have an idea about the community around you? Do you have any knowledge about the world´s needs?

If these questions made you unsure, it is a perfect time to take a closer look and “Discover Yourself”! Taking into the consideration the fact that young people around the globe has faced very different but great challenges such as youth unemployment, skills gap, information gap, know-how gap, vocational trainings, school-to-work transition and a lot more.

Mladiinfo International and its partners Mladiinfo Slovensko, The Global Experience and iversity supported by ERASMUS + programme has launched its very first interactive MOOC (massive online open course) for you to get help with these answers.

Online learning is becoming an important part of both student and professional life and is more and more used crucial and powerful new tool in education. If you are also a vision-driven, knowledge-hungry and goal-oriented young person, do not hesitate to take this opportunity to learn something more about yourself and bring yourself closer to the world of opportunities.

Make yourself comfortable and let’s the journey of self-discovery begin! This course is here to help you to:
1. GET EMPOWERED through adopting set of skills in four different dimensions – personal, professional, community and sustainable development;
2. LEARN ABOUT TIPS AND OPPORTUNITIES to develop the competencies you need to become successful contributing member of your community;
3. GET MOTIVATED TO OVERCOME CHALLENGES such as unemployment, skills gap, vocational trainings, outdated educational formats or school-to-work transition;
4. BOOST YOUR POTENTIAL to grow both personally and professionally.


Do not forget that this is going to be your journey; therefore you are the one who will choose the speed and tempo of it. You can find the course, register, and start it anywhere. The videos within the course can be played from any device and you can start a course at home, continue it at work, and finish it over the weekend while discovering so much about yourself and your vision of the career. Doesn’t it sound great? Moreover, at the end of the course, you will be able to draft a personal development plan that will present your pathway to your personal, professional, community and sustainable development.

Put your seat-belt on! An exciting journey is commencing!

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Lear more about the course from the MOOC  brochure in doc.version HERE or view the brochure in PDF version HERE.

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*The project is supported by National Agency for European Educational Programmes and Mobility (Национална агенција за европски образовни програми и мобилност) and Erasmus+.


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