GoRemote – Short Video and Article Contest

Deadline:  20 December 2016
Open to: students and young adults up to 35 years old
Prize: eCornell University certification, internships with top employers, various gadgets


Transformify is a global corporate social responsibility platform partnering with socially responsible businesses to provide virtual projects and contract jobs to people in disadvantaged position or people willing to work remotely. Transformify is solely a marketplace for Members and Partners to interact.

  1. #GoRemote aims to help young people around the world establish their personal brand, enhance their skills via e-learning, and get noticed by top employers;
  2. #GoRemote invites students to tell the stories of people whose lives may change for good if they have access to remote work and share these stories in scripts and videos;
  3. Great prizes: eCornell University certification, internships with top employers, various gadgets.


  • Students from all over the world and universe are welcome to participate.
  • Students with disabilities are very welcome!


No fee. It’s free to enter!

How to Apply?

In order to apply, you need to register HERE.

NOTE! Your script/video has to be original and memorable. Tell the organizers how remote work and e-learning can change the life of the people around you and why do you want to work remotely. Try to address the following categories of people who would benefit from remote work and e-learning: people living in high unemployment areas, people with disabilities, people living in post-war zones, refugees, women in the Middle East, single parents, stay-at-home moms, people on the Autism Spectrum, etc.

If you have any questions, check the FAQ section or write to: [email protected].

More information on the official web-page.

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