Recruitment of Researchers of Cultures and Politics of Memory

Deadline: 22 May 2017
Open to: candidates who hold a degree in humanities (at least an MA), are proficient users of English and are proficient users of the language of the country on which they report
Benefits: total gross remuneration of 2,500 EUR


In 2017, the Institute of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity is embarking on an examination of contemporary cultures of memory, including politics of memory, in selected European countries. As culture of memory constitutes the entirety of ways in which groups and individuals handle the past and covers all forms of representations of the past – its images in memory and forms of memoralisation – while politics of memory presupposes conscious efforts made by the state as regards the shaping of the public’s historical awareness.

The Institute of the European Network Remembrance and Solidarity will select persons who will prepare and submit, on a regular basis, reports concerning events in the culture of memory and politics of memory of a given country. The duration period of the contract is from August to December 2017, with possible extension. The participant will undertake to submit one report a month containing circa 5,000-8,000 words, written on the basis of study conducted in the selected country.


Applicants are considered eligible if they:

  • Hold a degree in humanities (at least an MA);
  • Are proficient users of English;
  • Are proficient users of the language of the country to feature in the reports.


The Participant will receive a total gross remuneration of 2,500 EUR, payable in five equal tranches. In justified cases, travel costs to the venue of a conference, symposium or another event related to the research for the report may be covered, the highest amount being 250 EUR.

How to apply?

Candidates apply by sending the required documents to [email protected] by 22 May 2017.

The Application includes:

  • CV;
  • Cover letter;
  • A text (of up to 500 words) concerning the politics of memory and culture of memory of the country that is going to feature in the candidate’s reports;
  • Declaration to confirm that once qualified for the project the candidate will conclude a contract as well as documents to attest the level of knowledge of the languages the Candidate has declared in the application.

For more information please read the official call.

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