Lean Six Sigma Training in Amsterdam!

Deadline: 15 July 2017
Open to: people who are interested in learning the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma
Costs: 550 EUR including accommodation and program costs


Lean Six Sigma is the methodology which allows to raise effectiveness of the organization. The successful implementation of the Lean Six Sigma tools can allow the organization produce more result with the same amount of resources. Lean Six Sigma methodology is widely used by largest international companies which appreciate the value they can receive by implementing relevant tools.

We invite people who are interested in learning the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma to join the training which will take place in Amsterdam from 25th to 29th September 2017.

Tools as Lean Six Sigma can be applied to the work of the organization in general as well as it can be used in project work while designing particular projects. In both cases the implementation of Lean Six Sigma tools can increase the effectiveness. During the training you will learn how to plan the work of the organization and the projects in order to reach the highest quality of the work. Lean Six Sigma stands for continuous improvement. The methodology shows the way how even the most successful company can become more effective. Lean Six Sigma consists on a number of tools – implementation of those tools will allow to reduce costs and at the same time – improve the quality!


The participants will arrive on Sunday. There are no activities planned on Sunday so you can decide yourself what you want to do on Sunday.

From Monday to Thursday will be offered the sessions. On Monday we will start by introduction and learning more about each other and the learning needs of each participant. Further the sessions on Lean Six Sigma methodology will begin. The sessions will be structured in the following way – the trainer will explain the philosophy behind   Lena Six Sigma, describe the possibilities of the successful implementation and will start with telling about the content of the methodology and the examples of the tools that can be applied for the organizing the work in the organization and managing the projects. The trainer will explain the theory and will provide the opportunities to practice the new knowledge – the participants will be offered exercises where they will need to apply what they have learnt and make sure they understand the material. A number of the experiences from the practice will be discussed during the training. The participants will be encourage to apply the new knowledge to their own working environment and see how they can contribute from the methodology.

During the training the trainer will share a number of tools of Lean Six Sigma that can be applied within the organizations. Tools of Lean Six Sigma are usually the methods that can be used to make the organization more effective.

At the last day – Thursday – the trainer together with the group will discuss the ways how Lean Six Sigma methodology can be used in the work back home for each participants and will exchange the closing remarks.

There will be no activities on Friday so participants can decide themselves what they would like to do.

The training will be conducted by an experienced business trainer, Lean Six Sigma specialist holding an MBA degree. The training will a lot be based on the program taught by business schools during MBA studies but adjusted to make sure it will be understandable and clear for participants without business background as well.


The fee for the participation is 550 EUR (including accommodation and the program). In addition participants need to cover their travel costs to the Netherlands and back.

How to apply?

Please send your CV to [email protected] and indicate “Lean” as the topic.

Lean Six Sigma is one of the most wanted skills by employers! Lean foundations of Lean Six Sigma and make a jump in your career!

Join us for the training to learn about the principles, tools and examples of Lean Six Sigma!

Participants who will successfully accomplish the training will be provided the certificates.

More details about the program can be found on the official website.

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