Working with Data for Beginners

Deadline: 22 September 2017
Open to: everyone from Central Eastern Europe working with data for transparency
Venue: 9-10 October 2017  Warsaw, Poland


During the training, we will focus on helping you learn basic technical aspects of working with data for transparency. For example:

  • What are the kinds of data you may work with;
  • What are the good and easy tools for practical solutions and how much they cost (time/money);
  • How to well aggregate data in order to be able to use them efficiently;
  • How to plan the whole process;
  • We promise hands-on work, not theory, a lot of advice and a very practical approach.

Note: it’s a thematic training regarding public institutions’ transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption.


If you work with quantitative data (but not only numbers!) about public officials, parliaments, local or national budgets, public procurement or anything that concerns making public sphere more open and hence less vulnerable to corruption, this training is for you! If you struggle with spreadsheets or big chunks of data for analysis, you will meet people who share the same troubles.

The training is open to participants active in civil society in the above topics and coming from Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, Western Balkans and Turkey, Baltic States, South Caucasus – as shown on the map. We encourage more than one person from an organisation to apply. Motivation to learn is more important than experience.


The training is free of charge. We cover travel and accommodation costs. Tickets will be bought by TechSoup Europe’s travel agent after participant’s approval of the booking.

How to Apply?

You can apply on this email or fill the application form.

For more information please visit the official website.

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