Applications for NSfK Research Grants 2018

Deadline: 01 December 2017
Open to: applicants from Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
Grant: up to 30 000 EUR


Call for NSfK Research Grants 2018 has been opened on Monday, October 2017, the application period being 30.10.-1.12.2017.

A project is considered to have Nordic relevance when it involves researchers from two or more countries. Furthermore, when a project studies a problem or topic common to two or more Nordic countries, and data from two or more of them is used, it is considered to have Nordic relevance. A project involving only one Nordic country can also be considered to have Nordic relevance if the topic is unexplored in a majority of the Nordic countries or if the knowledge about the topic is limited in one country while it is extensive in the other countries.


  • The countries participating in the NSfK are Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden;
  • The research which the grant is meant for must be carried out in one or more of the member countries.


  • Applicants for individual projects can apply for up to 30 000 EUR;
  • Applicants for joint Nordic projects can apply for up to 200 000 EUR;
  • The joint Nordic projects must comprise four Nordic countries and involve researchers from at least three of these countries. The NSfK Council will make a decision which projects will be granted and about the amounts of financing at its annual meeting in March 2018. The NSfK would also like to draw the attention to the possibilities of applying for financial support for working group meetings with joint Nordic perspectives. NSfK encourages researchers in the beginning of their career to apply for research grants.

How to apply?

In order to apply, please register here.

For more information, please visit the official web page.