Apply to the School for Transnational Activism

Deadline: 22 April 2019
Open to: anyone aged over 18
Benefits: accommodation and food costs will be fully covered


European Alternatives is collaborating with a group of leading thinkers and activists to launch the School of Transnational Activism, a reflective and action-oriented space, gathering participants across disciplines to experiment and explore how to articulate and enact a radically democratic vision of politics beyond the nation-state.

Apply to the School for Transnational Activism and participate in a series of 3 workshops combining lectures, participatory courses, open spaces and public events, exploring ways in which citizens, social movements, political parties, protest groups, trade unions and others already act beyond borders and foster a new vision of Europe beyond the nation-state. In this first year, we will create together a model for the School that will shape its future and communicate the ideas we generate at the Transeuropa Festival 2019.

Debates about populism, the crisis of democracy and the backlash against globalisation are all raging. But very few people seem to be asking two essential groups of questions: in what ways is the nation-state changing and in what ways has it been surpassed? And what are the most effective political forms to find civic agency in this new context?

Nation-states are not disappearing as some globalisation theorists may have suggested in other decades, but neither are they the best political forms for our future. Fearing our collective incapacity to solve global challenges, citizens retract to the known container of the nation-state; but this only makes the problem worse. What comes after nation-states and how do we get there? This is the question the School of Transnational Activism is aiming to answer.


Would you like to be part of it?You  should be/have:

> Over 18 years old.
> Proficient in English.
> Available on all the dates of the workshops (20-23rd June in Warsaw, 12-15th September in Rijeka and 6-8th November in Palermo).
> Track record of activism in or reflection on key topics such as migrants rights, citizenship, feminism, gender, climate justice, data and digital rights.
> Committed to contribute to the program of the Transeuropa Festival 2019 in Palermo, in forms of presentations, debates, workshops, installations, based on the content co-produced in the workshops.


The course is offered free of charge for selected participants. Travel expenses to and from the training venues are not covered by European Alternatives. Other costs, such as accommodation and food costs will be fully covered. They can offer a limited number of partial or fully funded scholarships for covering travel to and from the workshop venue.

How to apply?

Read the call carefully and apply online here.

For more information, please visit the official web page.